Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A few thoughts

According to Vish, everything will migrate over to Blogger: text, pictures, videos. I don't think animated graphics will transfer, but everything else should. More info will be coming soon about the migration.

Apparently, they won't be able to migrate things over to an account that has the same name. I.e., my new Blogger blog is called Nutwood Junction. When they migrate these AOL files over and the prompt asks the name of the blog where they should go, if I try to use Nutwood Junction, it might say that name is already in use. I guess you can't do this with an existing blog. So my idea last night was to create another Blogger blog when the time comes, just for the archives from THIS journal. Then I can link to it on my Blogger blog, and all my archives will be right there. Seems like this will work, and I'll see if Vish can confirm that.

I also thought last night about needing to modify accounts, including Technorati, to reflect our new addresses. I did that this afternoon, although I'm sure I'll think of other ones I need to update.

One nice thing I've noticed so far is that there are no restrictions on HTML codes. As you know, AOL had a limited list of allowed sites, and not every code could be used. I added a fun little hit counter to my Blogger blog today--it looks like an odometer! I think that seems appropriate, considering my Route 66 obsession--er, interest.




sybilsybil45 said...

As far as I can make out Beth the US blogs can and will be transfered but so far no news about the same treatment for the UK or EU ones,,,I am glad that you are doing ok on bogspot... Love Sybil x

queeniemart said...

the powers to be need to find a way to have all private journals be able to safely move our private journals over without going public. For some, it is a huge concern and one that is not fair at all to any private AOL journalists if they do not figure out a way. Not fair at all. I have been here for almost 5 yrs with five private journals and i deserve the same as any public AOL journal. To be able to move with safety. There are liars who will sit in wait for more than one AOL journaler to go public, even if only for a short time, and copy and paste and attempt to ruin lives or demean others. This has to be solved.
It has not been handled well at all. Terribly. I mean, only a few were told? Well, it figures.
i like the idea of making up a blogger account just to move AOL stuff into and i will copy off of you and do that since whoever is in control here never said that IN THE BEGINNING so most made new blogger blogs with the same name.

wwfbison said... really need to start teaching how & where to get these little gizmos!!!  
It sounds like you are really getting the hang of it.  

markonit said...

... you will have to coach me up ... as to your route 66 obse--, er, interest ...

... pecan sandie and I used to map out that trip, and a I-40 starting at wilmington,nc ... so I definitely feel you ...

slapinions said...

When I first started my AOL blog I lacked any common sense and named it, officially, 'Slap-Inionscom', thinking the 'dot' would be in there. So I should be ok.


ladymagnolia1963 said...


Well the count down has begun. I wanted to make sure all the journals I have as my favorites gets my new url. My journal here was called "LadyMagnolia's Daily Blog."

My NEW on is called Dear Diary it's me~Donna

E-Mail is


Anonymous said...

Radosnego 2011!