Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some good news for a change!

I've confirmed with Vish that we will be able to move our archives--entries AND comments--to our new Blogger site. The most recent entry on Magic Smoke says that we will need to do this, it won't be done automatically by AOL, but I'm sure Vish will be putting up instructions on where we need to go and what we need to do. I hope that helps everyone feel a little better about this!


mleppard06 said...

hi beth, thanks for your comment tonight. i have 2 blogs with blogger already, which have been going for awhile now (bit quiet tho!!) I have started a 3rd to replace my j-land journal. I understand that everyone in the US will be able to transfer their archives but not the UK, is that right? I am going to add your new blog to my feeds now so I don't get left behind! take care mrs t xx

markonit said...

... right now, I am a little distraught, and can't concentrate ... I don't even know where to go to sign up and start a blog ... I am a little frustrated ...

bruces8852 said...

I just hope that this transition to another blogging service will be smooth.  I have written so much over the past three years and I would not want this to be lost.

blossomcat said...

I have moved too.   All I have to do is figure out how to move my entrys and pictures.  And let people know where I am.


eml625 said...

As soon as you know anything let me know.
I HAVE to save what I have, then I will feel better.

vishy2004 said...

Just to clarify, by what I meant that "you need to do it". I meant you have to initiate the process. You do NOT have to move the entries or comments manually. It will be done automatically for you.


luvrte66 said...

Thanks for the clarification, Vish. I understood that we wouldn't have to manually move everything over, that once we started the process, it would migrate things over without our input. I just worded it badly!

slapinions said...

I have little faith in AOL or their promises, although I know Vish is working hard. I've set up my blogspot page and I'll spend the next few days working to make it purty. See you there.


slapinions said...

Beth -

I just noticed your 'signature' on my blog now points to blogspot. For some reason that saddened me :(  lol.

Quick question on that subject: do you manually type that in each time, or have you figured out a way for AOL to automatically apply your 'signature'?


carouselqueen70 said...

I am very lost with this. Does this affect journal entries? I am not very good at computer stuff..hugs, Christine

dcmeyer420 said...

Vish- How do we "initiate the process"?
Thank you.

Confused in Gulf Coast

jennyeveryday said...

Hi Beth!
 My name is Jenny, and I am a fellow AOl journal-er. I found your blog while googling how to transfer my archives over to blogger. I have been near  (read..in tears) tears since getting the news. I just celebrated my 2 year blogiversary last month. This is just such a shock. I am hope your friend Vish is correct about moving our archives. Do you have any idea when they will be giving us that info? I too opened up a blogspot page. Aol was sooo easy! Geez!

Anyhoo....Thanks for posting about all of this! I'll be visiting you again!

xoxo Jenny
Jersey Shore NJ

helmswondermom said...

It does.  I'd hate to lose those comments.