Monday, September 1, 2008

"Get away from her, you BITCH!"

In the past couple of nights, we've watched "Alien" and "Aliens" (which is the second movie in the series).
I think most people have seen these movies, so I won't go into detailed analysis of them.
I'll just say that I think that the Alien in these movies is one of THE best monsters in movie history. And when you get right down to it, despite the scifi setting, these are nothing more than good, juicy monster movies, closely related to the monster movies of the 50's and 60's, with technology gone awry. That extra little jaw coming out of the alien's mouth is a great addition, though!
This is monster movie à la moderne. This alien blends perfectly into the high tech world of the working spaceship, so much so that it can play stowaway and not be noticed until the ship is underway.
The image of the alien as queen bee is believable and scary, and the acidic goo that it bleeds is an extra added bonus. This is one of the rare franchises in which the sequel is as good as, if not better than, the first movie. Sigourney Weaver is much more substantive in the second movie.
Just a little lab humor...we often used barcode scanners, and one of the best jokes is to stick the scanner up under your lab coat and make it burst out of your coat, like the alien bursting out of John Hurt's chest in the first Alien movie! I tried it a couple of times in the past couple of nights, just using my hand up under my T-shirt, but it wasn't quite as striking.
I thought we had all of the Alien movies, but it turns out that we're missing the third one. It is now on order, along with "National Treasure 2," and a series that I've been wanting for a while: "Evil Dead," "Evil Dead 2," and "Army of Darkness," which is the third Evil Dead movie. I'll have more to write about them eventually, but the original "Evil Dead" scared me almost as much as "The Exorcist," so that should tell you something. The second and third movies were a little more campy and fun, but that first one is reeeeeally creepy. Oh yeah, babe...turn off the lights and ::watch the movie::  Bwah-hah-hah-hahhhh!


amy122389 said... said the B word!

I know.  I'm so mature.  LOL


preciousone25 said...

don't like monster movies.... just don't interest me.... oh, well.


lisawesmalayna said...

I love all the films you mentioned, and agree with you about it coming close to the monster movies of the 50's and 60's. Im glad you brought up the "Evil Dead" films, for 2 reasons. First, I love them and own all three. Secondly, I have always been a Bruce Cambell fan. It was a few years ago, but he made a stop at the Route 66 Film festival in Springfield, Il. Before the movies played at the drive-in he went to the local book store, and signed copies of his book. Naturally I went to get a copy signed, standing in line seemingly forever, I tried to come up with something clever to say to him. I get up to the table, and hand him the book, and say love your work. We talked for a moment, and he asked me what he should write, so I say just some good advice with your name. I was so nervous, I didn't look inside until my wife and I reach the car. On the inside of my copy says "Stay Groovy" Bruce Cambell.

I like your taste in films,


sybilsybil45 said...

Glad that you enjoyedthe films...I am such a coward that I have to confess I aint seen any of the alien films !!! mind you I am not really a movies person so that's my coment for this morning LOL  ..bythe way it might be sunny here fr a weewhile this morning !!  I am so pleased that gustav' winds redused before it hit land. Love  Sybil xx

indigosunmoon said...

I absolutely loved all the Alien movies!  Ripley was one tough cookie!!!
I also still get creeped out by Rosemary's Baby, and The Exorcist.

easteeleco said...

Paul is not a scary movie kind of guy... but he loves Alien. and Aliens.  :)  Estela

nightmaremom said...

glad you enjoyed the films...  me.. not much of a movie buff... now hockey... that will have my attention...  32 days.. 7 hours... and counting.  LOL

carouselqueen70 said...

I didnt like the Alien movies. But I loved Army of Darkness. I loved that movie..hugs, Christine

queeniemart said...

guess what? All the movies you have on order are movies that Rick has watched...he JUST watched NT 2 last week. I love love Nicholas Cage. Did you know he has false teeth and his breath stunk? I read that last month.
As SOON as i saw your title i knew you were talking about Weaver!! I LOVE LOVE those movies and i HATE scary movies. I almost peed myself when they had the goo and the mother monster scene. Damn good movies. In fact, i may watch them again because of you.

mereel2005 said...

Believe it or not, I have never seen The Alien movies.

gen0507 said...

My hubby agrees with you about the Evil Dead movies.  He's seen them all...Bruce Campbell is awesome ~ He says!!!  He says to tell you ~ shop smart ~ shop


cvgflydis said...

I used to love watching all those movies. Hope you had a good night, hanging together, hand aliens and ALL!


chat2missie said...

I hate those Alien movies.  I can't watch them! LOL

mleppard06 said...

i love the alien movies, but can't watch them alone My mum's cousin plays a secretary in National treasure 2, i have yet to see it, the first one was good, looking forward to 2!! take care mrs t xx

aimer said...

You know that I share your love of the monster/sci-fi/horror movie genre. The Alien trilogy is one of my favorites and I agree that the second is even better than the first. You'll have to let me know what you think of the third.--Sheria

slapinions said...

Aliens is a great movie. I remember literally wearing out a VHS tape of it I had as a kid. Alien, tho', is much scarer. (I think there's two more sequels, btw - 3 and Resurrection).
Bruce Campbell rocks (Bobotek anyone? I'm sure I mispelled it, but a grand campy movie!). Shop SMart indeed!


luvrte66 said...

Dan, it's Bubbahotep, and I wish I would have thought of that one when I was ordering the other movies!!


wwfbison said...

Oh this was a rockin' good all time favorite and one I've watched quite a few times.  Sigourney was awesome ~ she was one tough lady in those movies.  You've made me want to see it again now.

blossomcat said...

Two I also love, is THE TERMINATOR and PREDITOR.   I loved Arnold in both.