Thursday, September 25, 2008

Must-see TV!

Hot diggety-dog, our fall TV season started off with a bang! Thursday night TV, that is. Black gold...Texas tea....
<clearin' my head>
Anyhoo, without a doubt, "The Office" is my favorite comedy on TV. ("Third Rock" is a very close second.) The sheer PAIN of watching Michael Scott and his well-intentioned but lame attempts to manage his employees is impossible to ignore. Watching Michael is like sticking your tongue into the empty socket after you've had a wisdom tooth extracted. It hurts, it makes you cry...but you can't stop doing it!
I don't think it's a spoiler to say that there were "Awww" moments as well as "Ewww" moments. There were also goatee moments! Oh man, good I wrote on Ken's blog, within the first two minutes of the show, I laughed so hard, I snorted. If and when I meet up with any of you on my travels, if you get a snort out of me, you'll know that you have really tickled my funny bone!
Next up was the season premier of "ER," and it is the last season of the show.
Does anyone out there still watch "ER"? It's my favorite drama on TV, and although I was a big fan of "St. Elsewhere," I think it's the best medical show ever. At my first job, we had to go to ER and draw blood, and I think "ER" is fairly accurate...when in trauma mode, once those folks get going, you just get out of the way, and they'll draw the blood and hand it to you. If you still watch the show....
Here there be spoilers! Arrrr!
We knew that someone was going to die this week. A regular cast member. At the end of last season, an ambulance blew up, and it looked like it might be Dr. Gates or Samantha, one of the RN's. At first, I was thinking it would be Sam. Then they showed Pratt, who was in the passenger seat of the ambulance...his injuries looked minor at first, but turned out to be major. Then they showed Abby, and she was having some problems, and I know she's not going to be a regular this season, so I thought it was going to be her. I was really thinking something was going to happen to Abby, which would have been very upsetting.
I was crying from almost the very beginning. I knew someone was going to die, but who was it going to be?
Those damn writers...they killed Pratt. I kept thinking it wouldn't be him, even as the complications multiplied. I kept thinking, "No way. Not Pratt!" Over the past few seasons, we watched him transform from a brash young asshole doctor into a compassionate, competent physician, one who was going to be named director of the ER. I'm still upset.  
Make fun of me if you want for getting this involved in a TV show, but watching Pratt's young brother--the one he only recently connected with--see his older brother crash was just horrible.
End of spoilers
Man, it could be a tough season. Since it's their last, I'm sure they'll wreak havoc upon my heart, toy with my emotions, and do their best to turn me into a little weepy ball o' goo. They've already said that Dr. Carter will make an appearance--he's been practicing in Africa for a while now--and hinted at something about Dr. Greene (Anthony Edwards)...who DIED several seasons ago! Ken wondered if Dr.  Ross (George Clooney) would make an appearance, but I don't think so...what a shame, because I'd love to see him again on "ER," if only briefly.
<sigh> Like I said, feel free to laugh that I'm this much into the show, but I still think it's one of the best, and after watching for many years, it's one that I will really miss.


solace223 said...

I love it too.  Watched every season since the beginning and was upset to hear this would be the last.  I even named one of my cats Lueka years ago.  ;)  I haven't watched tonight's episode yet due to a toddler who wants nothing more than hours of Harry Potter.  (that and I wasn't home at the time) But I DVR'd it so I'll watch it after she goes to bed.  I'm glad I went ahead and read the spoilers part of your entry.  It'll make it easier to deal with it when I actually get a chance to watch it.  

kaydeejay5449 said...

I LOVE The Office, too.  I've worked with all of those character types over the years and to have them all in one place at one time is hysterical.  

I'm not an ER watcher but I can understand your attachment to characters.  I'm attached to the CSI Las Vegas team like that.  It's not so strange to be emotionally attached to the characters we watch every week.

Enjoyed your commentary!

sybilsybil45 said...

We do get ER over here but I think we are probably years behind you so might be on here a bit longer, if the station continues to pay for it there are going to be a lot of cut backs soon so lots of good programmes are going to disapear...LOve Sybil xx

lisawesmalayna said...

I love "The Office" it is my wife and I's favorite show too! We own all the seasons, and watched tonight's. Michael Scott is Michael Scott, but Dwight is hilarious to me. I love how seriuos he is, and admires Michael I love how Jim and Pam mess with his head, and his cousin Moes too! What is your favorite Dwight moment? My second question is which thing drove you nuts the most that Michael did on the show? I know their too many situations to recall, so you don't have to answer. I too get wrapped up into shows and their charactor's, and the Office is one of those shows.

I have watched ER since it started, and tried to keep up the last season. Having a Baby dosen't allow you to watch all your shows, but I watched tonight's. Pratt is a charactor that will be missed. I am excited to hear that Carter will be back for an episode, and am excited that Green will return. Dr. Green was one of my favorite charator's. The season with his dad was awsome in a sad way! Did you realize that his dad on ER was on Northern Exposure, and Dr. Green played the Doctor that was replaced in the first episode? I know the actors have real names, but I'm keeping them in ER charactor's. I will tell you I miss the old song that used to be at the beginining, I didn't see the opening to see if they brought it back.

I will miss this show too! If only we could Yell "Clear" ! So if you are made fun of, I will be too!

Blessed be,


queeniemart said...

i quit watching ER when Clooney left and have never seen the office. It is SO cool that our fav's are coming back now! XO

jhorky said...

Bless you Beth, enjoy those shows  and the best part of all enjoy that cry.  I get emotional at movies and sad tv shows.  Lucy

mpnaz58 said...

I loved ER...or maybe I just loved Dr. matter!  I don't stay up that late, and my lame attempt to record the 9pm shows, is only matched by my lame attempt to watch them at a later date!
xoxo ~Myra

markonit said...

... in my viewing world, NBC has done it again, with 'Earl', 'The Office' and '30 Rock' ...

... I wanted to watch 'Fringe' with you, but I have a 'man crush' on Simon Baker, so I will be watching 'the Mentalist' when 'Fringe' is on ... but I am not sure when 'Pushing Daisies' is coming on ... oh and 'Life' also is a 'primary watch' for me ...

... hey, I almost have a viewing schedule going ..!

chat2missie said...

Enjoy your weekend.

lv2trnscrb said...

I'm surprised ER lasted as many years as it did; I enjoyed watching it for a bit; I don't watch a lot of TV these days :)

have a wonderful weekend!


gen0507 said...

I use to watch ER ( a long time ago though)...  I like it very much!  I don't watch a whole lot of television though.  


wwfbison said...

I watched the first few seasons of ER and haven't watched it since.  I don't know who is on the show anymore.  I like The Office too ~ but didn't stay awake for it...bummer.

aimer said...

I admit it, I cried when Pratt died, too!--Sheria

carouselqueen70 said...

I love the office.That show is so funny!! Even when I am depressed  that show makes me smile. I have been watching the lost.. I found it very interesting. I alos like Heroes....hugs, Christine