Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She's no Martha Stewart, that's for sure

I was just checking out some stories on BoingBoing, and came across this one. It's more of a pictorial, actually. Are you ready to be disgusted? (It is nothing of a pornographic nature, sorry Jimi. Ha ha!)
Click here. I'll wait until you get back.
[leafing through a magazine]
Are you back?
Is that disgusting, or what?!
I know my mouth was hanging open, and with each picture, I would give a little gasp of horror, and I'm sure at some point I went "Eww!" and said, "Oh my God!"
I've been in some pretty messy houses before, and I think living like that has to be a sign of mental illness. I'm hardly a perfect housekeeper, and I have stacks of things here and there, but I don't have GARBAGE all over the place! That's just living in filth. Based on all the pizza boxes, doughnut boxes, Coke cans, etc., in those pictures, I'd be willing to be someone also has a serious drug habit.
I think what really grossed me out was all the cigarette butts. As a former smoker, I know how they can stink up a place, and to have them just piled up like that...BLEECCCHHHH! With all the garbage laying around, can you imagine the stench in that place?
However, I did notice the ironing board and iron, so apparently when she heads out to the streets to score some rock, she likes her clothes to be neatly pressed! You've got to give her that!
And that bathroom. That just makes me want to hurl.
Did you notice the litter box? That bugged me, too. A poor cat was subjected to that filth. If the owner wants to live like an animal, that's their choice, but to have a pet in that kind of environment is cruel. The cat probably kept itself cleaner than the owner!
There's no story about what happened to the woman. I hope she was able to get some help. I guess it makes me feel a little better about not dusting more often. There may be some dust on things, but at least you can see it because it's not covered up by a bunch of garbage! Yikes!



amy122389 said...

I.... well...I just.... oh my god.  I don't even know what to say.


ber144 said...

I'm thinking you just tear that place down instead of trying to clean it up.  You're right, that is a huge red flag for mental illness.

And I just ate...

fowfies said...

I will never say my house is messy or dirty again....WOW, that is just overwhelmingly awful. I dont even want to know what all that was on the counter and the floor in the bathroom. Man, that is terrible. Have to keep us updated on this, if you find out anymore info on her wherabouts and what happened to her. Kelly

mereel2005 said...

I had neighors who's home looked like that. In their case, it included Pampers from six babies. In this fith house lived five famlies in a two bedroom rowhouse. The whole block complained of the smell for month. Finally, the young 'lady' (in her twenties, welfare, living with boyfriend, mum, mum' boyfriend, brother, brother's girlfriend and six babies under the age of two between the three couples) was evicted for unpaidment of rent.
The family was sitting outside waiting for the movers when the Landlord showed up with the Police to enforce the warrent. When the door was open, it was enough to make you sick. In fact, it was so filthy the Land lord would not go in and the Police Offier wouldn't allow his men to go and touch anything. The movers refused to touch the stuff as well. They had to rent a u-all.
We later learned that the Health Department was called in and we were cautioned to go and seek medical care since the air was toxic and the slim was beginning to come through our walls. I had been sick that week and found out why.
It took six weeks to get that house in living condition once again.
In this girl's and her family's case; it was pure lazyness.

mereel2005 said...

And like Kelly, I will never say my home is messy again.

gen0507 said...

That's the nastiest thing I have EVER seen in my life.  I feel dirty just from looking at it!  Y U C K!!!!!


wwfbison said...

Holy Cow!!!  I would FREAK if I had to go in that place....ewwww...the germs & bacteria!!!!  I'm with you on the bathroom & butts, it makes me want to hurl.  Looks like the couch may have fallen victim to a little fire too.  I noticed the litter pan too and felt awful for the cat(s) that have to live like that.  I took notice of the iron and had to laugh, yes well we all want to make a nice appearance now don't we LOL.  And I thought my diet was deplorable!!!

easteeleco said...

I have to admit I'm sorry I clicked on the link.... gross!!!...  besides the obvious filth you just know there has to be bugs and/or vermin too.  Ick!  Thanks so much for sharing!  It is too bad that there isn't more information (like she got help or something)  Estela

sybilsybil45 said...

We Have a TV programme over here that sends in cleaners to filthy houses...maybe not quite as bad as that one but not far off. The people who live in them appear not to "see" or "smell" the muck...and are even quite proud for the TV film crew to film it all...then these two ladies come in and blitz the house and after a while the people move back in and are told to try and keep it clean....funnily enough after a follow up visit they seem to cope better,,,Maybe they just don't have a clue and it gets to a point where they are completley helpless ...but it sure makes me actually heave   Yuck   Love Sybil xx

x6stringer@yahoo.com said...

Good Lord!!  I had to say that I chuckled when I saw an ironing board!   Guess they thought if the clothes were pressed nobody would notice the smell?  Eww.

sangrialel said...

I thought the same thing when I saw the ironing board!!!  That totally amazed me.  The bathroom was just awful!  Linda

geocachelinda66 said...

Wow and I thought MY house was bad!  EWWWWWW!  I actually noticed the cat box was the cleanest part of the house!  Linda

madcobug said...

Yuuuck. Helen

queeniemart said...

i was ok till i saw the poop and whatever that brown stuff was on the floor. MY GOD.

laurelrk66 said...

How dare you show pics of my home on your blog!   Heh heh.... just kidding.  It's really quite sad, and I agree that there's a serious mental issue going on there.

buckoclown said...

Hard to believe someone could live like that.  In a previous life, I experienced piles of crap in out of the way places, luckily it was usually not in the general living space.

chat2missie said...

I'm speechless!  

mpnaz58 said...

OMG...that literally turned my stomach!!  The ciggies...BLECH!!!!  What was that stain on the tub??  Looked like blood!  NASTY~
xoxo ~myra

lisawesmalayna said...


Where's Waaaallllllldoooooo?

Talk about BARFY!

Thank you for tonights nightmares.   (Ha Ha)



solace223 said...

I don't know if I could've taken another picture of the bathroom.  Wow.  And then you see one of the pictures has these people's feet visible and the girl has ballet flats on... the only thing I could think is there's no way I would be walking around in there with anything less than boots on.  And with all the drink containers around, why didn't she at least toss the butts in there instead of, well everywhere.  Yikes.

valphish said...

Obsessive compulsive disorder.  She can't throw anything out.  My diagnosis.  I'm stickin' to it.  LOL  So sad.  xox

lynk4bray said...

OMG you crack me up with some of the things you blog about!!!! LOL
This was NASTY!!!  OMG is the person dead????

Take care and keep me smiling :)

dbdacoba said...

I don't know, it looks clean as a whistle to me.

No, the cat box is not the cleanest place in the house.  The cat(s) are probably pooping where they please.  And those aren't cigarette butts, they're cigarettes.  If she lights one she puts it out right away.  Is she trying to give up smoking?

She may iron her clothes but how does she clean them?  Does she have a job?  If so all the money seems to be going for crack.  I pity this poor woman.  There is no doubt that she is in serious trouble.

slapinions said...

I didn't mind the filth, but to own an EMachine . .what animals.


frankandmary said...

I looked at those pictures earlier, but didn't comment. I fell into watching with anthropological detachment.  I hope someone got her A LOT of help. ~ Mary