Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A mute point

Warning: Political commentary ahead! And some of you won't like it. You have been warned.
Riddle me this, Batman.
If you're running for the second highest office of the most powerful democracy in the Western world, why are you hiding from the press?
Sarah Palin, in almost four weeks since being tapped as McCain's vice-president pick, has not held a press conference. Not one. Her only two major interviews have been with People magazine and ABC News. She has been secreted from easy press access, rarely answers questions, and she is shuttled off from campaign appearances, granting a brief wave and smile as she ducks into the waiting vehicle.
Today's meetings with a handful of heads of state were highly restricted from the press, with only photographers and videographers allowed. A small group of pool reporters was finally admitted. After 30 seconds of photographs and filming, the camera crews were asked to leave.
News organizations who objected to the exclusions were told by the campaign that the matter was "not subject to discussion."
We all complain about the press from time to time, and we all have our ideas about the liberal bias or the conservative bias of various networks, magazines, and program hosts. But at least they have access to the candidates. I am not a member of the press and I am not a journalist. But even I am getting pissed off that there is no access to Palin, and that the campaign is hiding her away like the crazy aunt stashed away in the secret attic room.
This is not sitting well with me or with anyone else who questions her qualifications, and it will not sit well with the press. If the campaign doesn't start allowing access to her soon, I don't think I'm the only one that will be wondering: If Sarah Palin is ready to step in as the leader of our country, why is she unable to handle answering questions from the American press?
I'm just askin'.



queeniemart said...

probably because she lost the Cliff Notes to most of the foreign policy questions and has no idea how to answer them YET.

buckoclown said...

The bow-wave is building, and they are going to have to allow access.  Can they keep this up until after the VP Debate?  It is a very strategic decision that they must make.  If she does not slam-dunk, they may get blown out.

wwfbison said...

I'm going with the crazy aunt stashed away in the secret attic room theory.  

nightmaremom said...

hmmmmmm....... could it be she needs to be scripted??  I was not all pleased with her interview with Charlie..... hmmmmmmm....  

mpnaz58 said...

the RNC is afraid of what she'll say if she's not scripted well.  Obviously, and it is so very obvious, she is being secreted and free access to her denied.  What are they hiding??  Makes you wonder...
xoxo ~Myra

markonit said...

... because m'lady ... i remember dan quayle, and she isn't even a dan quayle ...

... she is the most in over her head politician in my time ... I long for the president to be the smartest guy in the room and the veep a close second ... but this lady ... grr ... makes me want to get ... no, they started it, so I will go there ...

... NO ... soccer mom's CAN'T be president or Veeps ... nothing against the SM's driving their mini-van's, but there are two different prioritizing of agenda's going on ... maybe had she been more directly involved with he daughter, she could have caught that ... oh, i am not finished ... the intolerance that comes with her religious views also give me pause ... she WOULD tell people what they can or can't do, and would try to influence the gov't based on her theology ...

... that works just GREAT in the mideast ...!

... a pit bull with lipstick indeed ... she is just a mutt ..!

lisawesmalayna said...

This just in from LWM news:

Sara Palin is about to give her first Press Conference!

Sara "Hello everyone!" " I would like to clear the air withe American people."
"I would like to say a few words about why I would be a good Vice-president."
"I would like to say why I would make a solid choice to be Second in command of this great nation!"

"Firstly" "I know how to talk to people and get a message across to others"

"Secondly" "I lead by example on how to really show my qualifications, and let people know the real Sara Palin"

"Thirdly" "I know I can make good decisions and lead other's to do the same." "Look at how I raised my family, like my dauthter for example"
"Being the Soccer Mom that I am, I sure showed her how to take some balls and score!"

The reporter: This just in the McCain people are now whisking Mrs. Palin away.

Meanwhile all of the press is shouting questions!

It seems they are putting something over her mouth!

Wait a momemt! It appears to be Duct tape!

Yes it is Duct tape!

Wait she is returnig to the podium!

Sara Palin just smiles and waves.

There you have it folks! I believe we really got to see the side of her that would make her the best choice for Vice-president!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


sybilsybil45 said...

It sure is a great start to her vice presidancy !!  mind you has the other candidate for vice president had much to say ??  Don't think I can even remember his name !  maybe that is the strategy ???  if you can't remember somone how an you vote for him ...watch out there are more than one way to catch the White House.  (and you know my views !!)  Love  sybil xx


dbdacoba said...

This is a very strange time in American political history.  After George Bush destroyed the ligitimacy of the the presidency, and he was by no means the first, but hopefully the last, it seems the jobs of president and vice-president are up for grabs.  Who is the president?  Who is the vice-president?  Who cares?

I don't see or hear much campaigning going on on either side.  Biden is laying low for a good reason.  If he opens himself up to the media, as Palin is not doing, then all the negative press will be on his shoulders and she can sneak under the femce.

The Republicans have traditionally come up with very low profile candidates for the second job who have no qualifications for running the country (Agnew, Miller, Quale) but now they have a loud mouth who doesn't say anything.  We already know that the country issplit down the middle between liberals and conservatives.  Heaven forbid that this election should be decided again by vote manipulation and Supreme Court decision.

As a liberal, I listen to the conservative side of things, even though I know they don't listen to my side.  But for anyone to really believe, in view of recent history, that the consaervative economic policies are going to solve the country's fiscal problems and that giving more aid to the greedy large corporations is the best way of handling our sinking economy, is sheer madness.

Whoever ends up being President must first of all restore the respectability of the position and hold our noses to the ground until Americans get their jobs back, the banks are solvent, big business starts paying their fair share of the taxes, and the country stops spending money needlessly on foreign ventures while the guy down the street can't pay his mortgage.        D

slapinions said...

I bet Obama's camp is wishing motor-mouth Biden was hidden away ' like the crazy aunt stashed away in the secret attic room.'  Beyond that brief salvo, I leave you to the adoring comments from your readers on the left  LOL :)