Friday, September 26, 2008

Am I weird? Wait, don't answer that....

(I thought of you, Mark, when I found this picture!)
Am I weird for wanting to watch the conventions and the debates? So far, most commenters so far are saying they're skipping it, for various reasons. That's cool, I have no problem with that. Most have already made up their minds, anyway. So have I, but I still want to watch it. I really want to see how they handle themselves, what they have to say about the financial crisis, and see if anyone has a meltdown. I wouldn't think so, but stranger things have happened.
For those who have yet to decide, I hope they'll tune in by the millions. And as Ken pointed out, there ARE millions of people who are looking to these debates to help them in their decision-making. A poll mentioned on MSNBC showed that 55% of people questioned said that the debates were important to their decision. Oh boy, 45 minutes to go! (Ken is laughing at me.)
I can't explain it, but I just find it all fascinating, especially this year. At the risk of sounding like a complete lunatic, I actually find it FUN. Bwah-hah-hah-hahhh! I know the ads and phone calls can get tiresome, but what I find even more tiresome is the talking heads (although I LOVE the band!) who say ridiculous things like Chris Matthews just said, which was something to the effect of how Obama is Harvard-educated, has been portrayed as an "elitist," and "Can Obama talk regular tonight?"
"Talk regular?!" Ha ha ha! Oh, Lordy. I can't believe that came out of his mouth. I think even Matthews cringed when he realized what he'd just said.
For tomorrow's family get-together, I think I'll wear my Obama T-shirt. NOT! Good gravy, if I did that, I think I'd cause a disturbance in the space-time continuum of my family's universe. They're a conservative bunch, and I'm hoping to avoid any discussion whatsoever of politics, although it's something I usually enjoy talking about. (Bet you didn't know that about me, did you?) I suppose the bailout will come up, but I want to steer clear of any major discussions, and God help us all if someone asks me, "So what do you think about [fill in the blank]?" Don't do it, family, just don't do it! Ha ha!
I was writing to Cousin Shane today, and I mentioned how it seems kind of odd to me that there are people who ridicule those who espouse peace and love, saying that it's some kind of left wing, liberal ideology. I suppose that "peace and love" has a bit of a bad connotation because it makes people think of the Summer of Love and the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco--and its associated drug culture--but I usually sign my Christmas cards with "Peace and Love," and I really mean it. I wish for peace, and I wish for love in this world. Aren't those good things? Shouldn't we all aspire to that? The diametric opposite is "War and Hate." Which alternative do you prefer? It made me think of the great song "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding," written by the incomparable Nick Lowe (I'll have to do a Beth's Music Moment about him at some point), and performed by many artists, most famously by Elvis Costello. Lyrics first, followed by the video.
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding

As I walk through
This wicked world
Searchin' for light in the darkness of insanity

I ask myself
Is all hope lost?
Is there only pain and hatred, and misery?

And each time I feel like this inside,
There's one thing I wanna know:
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding? ohhhh
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding?

And as I walk on
Through troubled times
My spirit gets so downhearted sometimes
So where are the strong
And who are the trusted?
And where is the harmony?
Sweet harmony

'Cause each time I feel it slippin' away, just makes me wanna cry
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding? ohhhh
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding?

So where are the strong?
And who are the trusted?
And where is the harmony?
Sweet harmony

'Cause each time I feel it slippin' away, just makes me wanna cry
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding? ohhhh
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding? ohhhh
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding?



buckoclown said...

I will be looking for a dowel rod or stick to bring with us tomorrow, so if someone asks such a question, I can just hand it to you, and you can clinch it in your teeth :o)

buckoclown said...

Weird, such a strong word, maybe just a little a lot off :o)

easteeleco said...

:)  Liberals are not the only folks that wish for love and peace.  Paul and I have sent out cards at Christmas time for 25 years, praying for peace to all nations, love in the hearts of all people.  I rather resent the idea that some folks have that just because we are conservative we desire war. Odd, that.   Estela

markonit said...

... iconic shot of ali - frazier  goin' there ...

... 'talking regular' ... part of the reverse-stereotype that is going on ... enough about that ...

... I am sure you guys have animated discussions ... all that passion is cool, especially when you can still be friends and family afterwards ...

... very anxious to see how Palin does ...

lv2trnscrb said...

I don't think you are weird for wanting to watch the debate, Beth; I'm glad this fascinates you; actually this election scares me and it is not because of who is running;I just have a very uneasy feeling no matter which candidate wins; that's why I'm praying

I don't ridicule people who espouse love and peace; without giving a mini sermon or imposing my beliefs, I believe passionately and strongly in the very One who is the epitome of love and promises peace beyong all understanding :)

again, have an awesome time tomorrow with family and apple butter making


sybilsybil45 said...

Well Beth, I did manage to wake up around 2/3am and heard the debate...well at least the first 3/4 hour I have to say it almost bored me back to sleep !! However I hear it brightened up a bit later.  I was sorry to hear Obama kind of unsure of himself at the start and just kept repeating the same thing about taxes again and again...of sourse the other one did the same !! I hear that somthing like 60 million...or was it 8 million !! watched the debate  so fingers crossed they managed to watch to the end.   Like you I am a love and peace person///as I think you already know  LOl    Love Sybil xx

lisawesmalayna said...

Then I'm weird too! It can be like The Super Bowl for me, I find it facinating to watch the debatesI love The Talking Heads by the way, I own most of their albums! I feel out of place when I wear my Peace shirt to family funtions, and I have believed in Peace my entire life. Well before this war! Matter of fact I have been deciding if I would be Peace, and Malayna Love, and Lisa Happiness for Halloween. Lisa thinks it's a good Idea, but we will be something else too! We have a couple get together's this year. I have always wished that the debates would allow other parties to engage in the debates as well! I too know who I'm going to vote for, but neither was my first, or second choice. I hope people vote with hearts and minds this time! I know many people vote for just a party, rather than the better person! Ha Ha There are too many stubborn people in this world, atleast I know when to admit when I'm wrong. I find that people who grow up brainwashed by their family's, on how to think can go only 2 ways. With the current or against it. I hope that the majority will go with the flow and choose what is best for humanity!

I hope you can persuade your family to talk about the love for each other, and simply enjoy the time spent together. I know it can be tough to be the peacemaker, but you have the gift of humor! Enjoy your day!

Peace and Love,

Earth Spirit

frankandmary said...

I think some of the negativity may be due to the drug culture thing.  I remember certain folks in the 80s also being very give Peace A Chance while under the sway of mood altering chemicals. They loved me, they loved you, they loved the maple tree out back, until the coke ran out.

Also, I knew a passionately liberal, peace & love, authentic(well, that is was he said) person online for years. Then he became angered by something I wrote, & peace & love quickly turned into abuse & using fake screen names to attack me & my journal.

It would be great if what everyone writes in their Holiday cards was actually what they practiced all year long, & for you I bet it is, but it is not for everyone.  That is my cold-eyed assessment.  

lucille4364 said...

I don't think you wee wierd at all  for watching the debates.  I did and I felt that  beside Obama McCain looked old.  He also stood over and smirlked and as far as I am concerned was condesending twoard Obama, but I think Obama did quite well he did not let McCain get away with his lies.  When McCain menrtioned his strong mate, meaning Sarah Palin I nearly lost my dinner.  I think Obama will only get better with time.  Lucy

queeniemart said...

When i owned a cell i ended my voicemail with "PEACE OUT" and i got more comments from that than anything EVER. I do not trust nor particularly like either candidate and no debate is going to change that because i do not trust these dudes..SO, i will be at work and not watching but i will read what is said about them. There are gobs of ways to keep informed.
Enjoy your family dinner! XO

catmandude1962 said...

Count me as a weirdo, too! I can't get enough of this stuff.
I thought the first debate went well for Obama. Given the post-debate reaction, I bet McCain makes an effort in the next debate to suppress his smirk and make some eye contact with Obama.
Of course, the third debate could carry less signficance after the veep candidates face off Thursday night. Given her performances with Katie Couric and her limited media interaction, I think there's an outside chance Palin will struggle mightily. If she falls on her face, Obama could have a cakewalk to the White House. That would be something to see!!!

wwfbison said...

I often use "peace" in my closings, my mom was a hippie, flower child so I practically had a peace sign tattooed on me as a toddler.  I wish more people would look towards peace and peaceful resolutions to conflict.  Nah, you aren't wierd for being stoked about the debate.  To each their own, that is what makes the world interesting.  

preciousone25 said...

Although, I'm already positive of who I'm voting for, I really wanted to watch the debates, but missed it all.... darn!!