Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Fightin' Cardinals

I'm sure that there will be plenty written about this later today, but let me just say that I am proud to be a Ball State University alumni along with my fellow Fightin' Cardinal, David Letterman!
Dave is usually a pretty mild-mannered guy, and while he might have a cutting wit, he almost always keeps it fairly low-key.
Not tonight. Senator McCain was scheduled to appear on Dave's show, and called Dave to cancel, saying that he had to get right back to Washington to deal with this financial crisis...perhaps he'd appear later, and he'd bring Gov. Palin along. Wow, COOL!
Well, that ain't gonna happen. Letterman had plenty to say about this, and based on his comments, I don't think Sen. McCain or Gov. Palin will be appearing on his show anytime soon. Dave talked about things like how you don't just "suspend" a campaign. If you feel the need to go back to Washington, that's when you call on your running mate to continue the campaign in your absence. Ohhh, that's kind of a problem there, though, isn't it? (This all came from Letterman, but I endorse his message.)
My favorite exchange was Dave quoting McCain: "The economy's about to crater."
Paul Shaffer: "Crater?! I barely know 'er!"
The backup guest was Keith Olbermann, and you can imagine that he was not very kind to the McCain campaign, either. While Keith was there, they talked about how Dave got a call from Sen. McCain saying that he had to return to Washington right away. Pronto! Without delay! And then they showed footage of him in the CBS studio, sitting across from Katie Couric, as  McCain was attended to by a makeup artist prior to his interview with Katie.
Even Craig Ferguson, a guy from Scotland who recently obtained his U.S. citizenship, was disturbed by this. He said something to the effect of how this is the democratic can't just "suspend" it, or slow it down...this is how it works. He said that we didn't "suspend" things because of Pearl Harbor, or the Nazis, or 9/11, or any other crisis that we've experienced in our past. The process goes on, our Election Day is the first Tuesday in November, and you don't just get to STOP the process! I may not have attended the same college as Craig, but I endorse his message, too!
As participants in this election, the American people deserve to hear all three debates between the candidates, and the debate between the vice-presidential candidates. This is OUR election, people, and any delay tactics and grandstanding, from either party, is not acceptable. Considering the state of the economy, and the dire straits that we find ourselves in, it's even more important that we get to hear both candidates' ideas and plans on how to fix this. There are 40-some days to go, and in case you've been living under a rock, THIS IS IMPORTANT!


sybilsybil45 said...

I did think it was kind of odd that they could just suspend a campaign...I would hae thought it was an ideal time for some real campaigning....mind you, maybe even more important for Obama he could should be making hay over the disasterous state of the country under the Bush/McCain's party ? and not seen to be agreeing with McCain and dashing to Washington//although I belive he still wants their debate to go on ?  O my I sure am glad I don't have to have any input into theis election of yours  LOL    Love  Sybil xx

lisawesmalayna said...

I have been critical in the past on the way elections truly work, but since I was a very small child have looked forward to the debates. I feel that with that kind of pressure from this televised event we Americans can get a better feel of our candidates.  This crisis has been going on for years, and now it is time to go to Washington and fix it? I have seen both parties take breaks in the House and Senate and leave behind important bills. Ignore issues and people while they take a vacation, because they care? I know about Robert's Rules, and how politics work for the most part. I would just like to see the candidates stop campainging and try to fix our Environmental Crisis, or any other important issue. Recession or Depression? I say let the debates continue, so that American citizens can see who they might choose.



indigosunmoon said...

What a crock of shit.  
And I just love Dave!

markonit said...

... the way that I see it ... naw, NO ONE needs to know ... but it is becoming clearer to me that one side is better equipped to guide this country, pass or fail, than the other ... and that other side is trying to 'extend' the time behind the curtain, so that no one gets a good look at what is behind it ...

... red hat, Grant Hill jersey ... and a pair of shorts ..! Gotta run ..!

eml625 said...

Hi chickie ! I'm just poppin in to let you know i'm still around. I have been reading here and there but not doing to good with leaving my comments.
I'm lurking !
miss ya

queeniemart said...

did you see Bill Clinton a few nights ago on Letterman? AWESOME awesome man and interview. Clinton was a bit less forthcoming the next day on the View, but again, what a POLITICIAN he is and a damn fine one too. I miss him!
I have not seen Letterman yet since i just got off work but just about anything that Dave says, i agree. I LOVE HIM and have for 20+ yrs.
There is no need to suspend a damn campaign. Gee, if things get scary over seas if and when McCain is Prez, what is he gonna do? Run home to AZ and feed a couple goats?

mpnaz58 said...

Mr. McCain's way of thinking is archaeic, and his campaign strategy is superficial!  I don't think he knows what he is doing...does anyone in his camp??  I watched the Katie Couric interview with Sarah, can you say, "huh?"  She basically repeated the same rhetoric over and over again, read: she couldn't think on her own, only relied on what she had been prompted to say.  This is so sad...makes my heart hurt!
xoxo ~Myra

krmprm said...

      We, the silent minority, that has not made our
minds up about who to chose to run our country,
would definitely like to see the debates or speeches
that will clarify the candidates views. ( I can under-
stand why anyone would be hesitant to face the
unsympathetic press and comics willing to tear
them limb from limb.  (figuratively speaking) How
does a man who endured years in a POW camp
explain trying to save his country and
would you like to face the wit of David Letterman?)

slapinions said...

Again, I'm a lone voice in the wilderness that is Nutwood Junction :) but bleep Letterman. I'm sorry he's boo-hoo over losing a guest but IT'S A LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW, home to such historically important events as stupid pet tricks and Drew Barrymore showing her ti*s. There is no obligation to the American people to show up and endure Dave's tired brand of comedy. Get a grip Dave.  

And whackjob Keith as a replacement? Oh, that doesn't just SCREAM of a built in bias?

You once questioned the existence of a MSM bias. Can there be any doubt now? Anything and everything is an attack, anything and everything is a PERSONAL jab, anything and everything is of more importance than actual issues. It's sickening. Scrap the current media as a whole and the world improves tenfold.


slapinions said...

Just a friendly FYI, from ABC:

ABC News' Nitya Venkataraman Reports: Former President Bill Clinton defended Sen. John McCain's request to delay the first presidential debate, saying McCain did it in "good faith" and pushed organizers to reserve time for economy talk during the debate if the Friday plans move forward. . . .


chat2missie said...

I applaud Mr. McCain for suspending his campain.  It's good to know that while my husband's 401K is dwindling down to nothing, someone understands that this country needs help big time.  Campaining can wait.  Saving this country can not.

Okay, enough of the politics.

Have a good day!


wwfbison said...

I'm getting a headache from all of this!  I just want the election to be OVER already...and an end to all the BS that is flying around from both sides. Just for the record,  I don't like either of the candidates...for me it has come down to  deciding who sucks the least.  I am very eloquent today aren't I?

rdautumnsage said...

Ooooh, ouch....people are definitely getting diabotical about the debates and the upcoming election. Me? (locks lips) nadda not a word. I love the fact you put yourself out there for what you believe. Not everyone thinks that is an admirable quality (raises eyebrow) the end what matters is what YOU think and the fact you stand up for those self same beliefs. Keep on doing what Beth does best, love you for it. If I've come to realize anything  it's that these journals represent life in's a love/hate relationship. Miss you! (Hugs)Indigo

lv2trnscrb said...

actually, I support McCain's decision to suspend campaigning and go to Washington and work with Bush/Obama and whoever else in trying to fix our economy; one of them (Obama/McCain) is going to inherit this mess; I think both would want to have a say in said mess and be there during this critical planning time

actions speak louder than words

I rather have someone, even in a bumbling attempt, make an attempt to go and help out than listen to either candidate talk, talk, talk, talk about what they will do to change things if they are elected; empty words if that party doesn't get elected

this morning I prayed, as I have been doing these past few weeks, for both candidates and for this "economic summit"; that they would welcome the Lord's presence there and his wisdom; without it our country has no hope

enjoy the day Beth :)


mereel2005 said...

Like Betty, we spend much time in prayer over this election and adirme the stance Senator McCain has taken.
Like Lisa, I have a headache and will be glad when this is over. I don't care for either and will hold my nose when I go to vote.
As for Sara Palin, I would take her over Senators, McCain, Obama and Biden in a heart beat. I happen to like Sara; she is the only one in the pack I can relate to.
Friendship does not mean we have to agree on every point. But it does mean being willing to disagree without being disagreeable.
And is one of the things I have loved about our friendship :)

deshelestraci said...

I think the economy of our country is far more important than an appearance on David Letterman's tv show.  Do you not get that our economy is about to tank?

dbdacoba said...

Please remind me, John McCain is running for what office was that?    D

preciousone25 said...

Boy, Dave thinks pretty highly of himself, doesn't he?!!?  He thinks his show is more important than the country's financial crisis??  LOL!!


aimer said...