Monday, September 22, 2008

If he has horns, he hid them well

Cousin Shane rightly noted that "Spooky" is by the Classics IV. The lyrics I founded listed Santana in there somewhere, so they may have done a version at some point. Thanks for the correction, Shane!
Now to our Rovian adventure this evening. (Not everyone can say their name has become an adjective. I'd love to see the word "Bethian" catch on, but I'm not sure what it would mean.) The event was held at the Mendel Center at Lake Michigan College in Benton Harbor, Michigan. We got there pretty much on time, and the place was PACKED! We had kind of a hard time finding a place to sit, but finally found a spot. Turned out to be by John Proos (pronounced prose), a local Congressman in the state of Michigan. Ken has met him before at the nuclear plant, and he recognized Ken. He was really a nice, personable guy, and Ken told me later that he's a very good friend to AEP and the plant, as well as the "heir apparent" to Fred Upton's Congressional seat in Washington. So that was kind of cool!
As for the dinner...let's just say I'm glad I hadn't eaten all day and was really hungry, because otherwise I might not have been able to eat it! It was kind of barfy, but it was food.
This was sponsored by the Economic Club of Southwest Michigan, but seemed more like I was at the Republican National Convention! I felt like I had a neon sign over my head saying, "She likes Obama! GET HER!" Ha ha. No, it wasn't that bad, but it was definitely a Republican crowd. (There were people out front holding Obama signs as we drove up, but everyone was happy and peaceable. I gave 'em a thumbs up and waved as we drove by.) When Rove came out, there were some people that actually gave him a standing ovation--not everyone, and Ken and I stayed seated, but I started to wonder how I was going to get through the next hour or so.
I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he's actually a pretty good speaker, and the topic was this year's election. As you know, I'm a tiny bit interested in it, so I thought he gave a pretty good speech. Obviously, he put right wing spin on almost everything, and a lot of the polls and statistics I thought were questionable, but hey, he's Karl Rove. Ken and I agreed that all in all, considering who he is, he was fairly objective, and I managed to keep my head from exploding. A very good thing!
A few things that I found of particular interest. He did say early on that this election is about Barack Obama. The circumstances of timing (8 years of a Republican president and an economy in dire straits) should favor a Democrat victory. He feels that Obama's lead isn't greater because a lot of people are still unsure of him, and haven't placed their full trust in him, and that is Obama's task in the coming weeks. He said that the debates will be really important this year (first one is this Friday night on CNN--be there or be square!).
Someone today sent me an email that the rumor on the Net was that Biden was going to drop out of the race, and be replaced by Hillary. I took it with a grain of salt, but figured I'd keep my ears open. Someone actually asked Rove that question tonight, wondering what was the chance of Biden dropping out? In a word, "Zero." He went on to say that you have to be really careful about what you believe from the Net, that there's a lot of misinformation and lies out there, including that McCain is the father of an illegitimate child (they adopted her from Bangladesh) and that Obama is a secret Muslim. Rove said, "And he is NOT." Even Karl Rove is telling people it's a ridiculous lie, so can we please put that one to rest once and for all?
And finally, someone asked a question I was wondering what extent is race playing a factor here? (Asked by a black woman.) He said frankly that there are bigots out there that won't vote for Obama because he's black--and I think he's right about that--but thinks that the majority of Americans are smarter than that. He went on to say that he thinks this is really an amazing election, and we're either going to have an African-American president or a female vice-president, and that's exciting stuff. (I agree with the former part of that, not the latter!)
So we actually enjoyed ourselves! Although I did give a little chuckle at one point, and had to put my hand over my mouth! Someone asked Rove about his comment a couple of weeks ago that "McCain has mellowed." Ha ha! I couldn't help just slipped out. I think I did well, and managed to not embarrass myself OR Ken. Although he might have a different take on it!




buckoclown said...

You did fine, but that is why we sat at separate tables.  If you threw a roll, or got escorted out, I wanted to not be a part of it.  <LOL>

Disclaimer, we did not sit at separate tables, but did have to sit across from each other :o(

slapinions said...

Came in via Ken's entry. I'm so jealous of you guys! I realize you are approaching this from the opposite direction politically, but I would have loved the chance to hear Rove speak.


lisawesmalayna said...


I'm glad the two of you enjoyed yourselves, and managed to walk away with a positive outlook. I think it would have been interesting to have been there, and to hear him speak. I was wondering if you would have been picked for a question, what would you have asked him? I know you mentioned that someone had asked one of your questions, but did he answer the one's you would have liked to hear answered? Thank you for sharing your evening out, and sorry to hear the food was Barfy.



sybilsybil45 said...

I would love to have been there !!  Although I am sure the lengh of time your elections take so long, they are so much more fun than ours LOL  Love Sybiol xx

markonit said...

... so you managed to keep your head from exploding ... this is why I have taken the most unsual tack of making an early decision and sticking with it, in abscence of following the 'news' ... will watch the debates, but barring a 'Palin-esque' faux pas (... 'you can see Russia from Alaska' ...) I have made my choice ...

... surprised at how well Rove spoke ..?  You do know, you shouldn't have been ... when you are among THE WORLD'S BEST, you have a long way to come down, you know ... another reason I made an early choice, and will stick with it ... there is enough info to have made a judgement, now, it could only be change to make me THINK that there is something different, you know ..?  People are going to do what they have been trending to do for most of their lives, so based on that and what they have said, I am going to tune out a bit, because I won't let myself be fooled ...

... if that makes any sense at all ..!

krmprm said...

Yes, I remember the song "Spooky" and it is a good one
for Halloween and "a spooky little girl llike you".   :o)
I guess Hillary supporters hate to give up the idea that
she will be in this election.  (I have a gut feeling that
she will be in the next one, but not as a Veep candidate.)
There's so many rumors and misinformation that one
doesn't know who or what to believe.  Debates are VIP.
Glad that you had a good time at Rove event,  shows that
you keep an open mind.   Enjoy this beautiful day.   Pat

wykdwife said...

Interesting evening you had listening to Mr. Rove. He is a reasonable speaker and can come across as fair minded---but then the crowd he's speaking to isn't running in an election against him. I heard him speak a couple years ago. It was also a good speech. However, I can never forgive him or Lee Atwater for where they've taken politics.

Glad you had a good time.

wwfbison said...

It sounds like an interesting evening and the fact that he hid his horns is a plus as well.  :)   From the sound of it he was more than reasonable with his points & answers to questions.  Too bad the meal wasn't very good though, that stinks.  All in all it sounds like you had a pretty good evening.

frankandmary said...

I think we should have switched tickets. You should have gone to the event I did, & I should have gone to yours ;O. I didn't figure he'd recruit your to his version of reality, but glad he didn't make your teeth grind too much. ~Mary

easteeleco said...

I do think that this particular year, just about any democrat could be elected president. Not meant to be a slam to Senator Obama....but that is the way the wind is blowing... and I do think that the only way race cannot play a part of this election, would be if both parties were running African-American candidates. I will be watching the debates with interest. Estela

jjdolfin9 said...

As you know, I am a staunch McCain/Palin supporter.  I appreciate that you went to this event and did not embarrass  One statement left me thinking..."frankly that there are bigots out there that won't vote for Obama because he's black".  There is a flip side to this.  I have several friends that have never voted before and are black.  They are voting this year JUST to vote for a black candidate.  I find that as offensive as I find those that won't vote for Obama JUST because of his color.
Hugs, Joyce

gen0507 said...

It sounds like you had a very interesting evening!  I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself.  Sorry about the food not being very good!  LOL


queeniemart said...

glad you enjoyed yourself. I really really really do not like Rove. Yuck.