Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No joke

This just in....

McCampaign now wants to postpone this Friday's debate till...October 2nd.

Hmm, why does that date ring a bell...? My Mom's birthday isn't until the 15th...Ken's isn't until the 23rd...what is happening on October 2nd? What could it be.... <striking The Thinker pose>

OH! Now I remember! It's the vice-presidential debate! Gee, why on earth would McCampaign want to delay the vice-presidential debate?! Can someone get Mr. Obvious on the phone for me?


David Letterman was scheduled to have John McCain as one of his guests tonight. McCain canceled, even though he was just down the street doing an interview with Katie Couric. Dave had this to say about McCain's call to postpone the debate: "What are you going to do if you're elected president and things get tough? Suspend being president? We've got a guy like that now!"

Another update

I just heard one of my favorite quotes about Palin's meeting with heads of state yesterday. Craig Ferguson (I love that guy!) said, "She's speed-dating heads of state!"



frankandmary said...

Speed-dating= Excruciating social discomfort(to me, don't know about her) ~Mary

slapinions said...

Ok, here I must officially protest. I was waiting for this issue to pop up here. I do not believe, not for one willy nilly minute, that McCain is afraid of debating Obama or conspiring to move the VP debate back. You may not like Palin (duh) but she is effective in front of an audience and Biden is already handcuffed by his recent gaffes - he has to play Mr. Nice Guy. The advantage, right here and now, would lie with Palin. Engaging Biden head-on and encountering his snide self would be a win; engaging a tenative and deferential Biden is a win; a tie or outright blasting by the Mainsteram Media would only increase the Right/Right Center's respect for the woman they see as a martyr on the MSM's blade.

I fear your dislike of Palin is blinding you here -  McCain may very well be using the delay as a political ploy to cash in on the crisis, but hardly to avoid Obama/Biden.

P.S. Before someone comments that the debate would only take two hours, how much work could he get done in two hours anyhow? (a comment I've seen online already), c'mon: for every minute spent on stage Obama and McCain will spend ten minutes in prep time.

:) BTW - I'm rooting for the Cubs vs. the Mets. It sickens me, but I need the Cubs to win. I feel dirty.


markonit said...

... if craig ferguson wasn't on so darn late ... I think his humor would play well in place of Dave's ... that cat is LOL, on the real tip ..!

indigosunmoon said...

McCain thought he was being slick when he chose Ms. High Heels.  I think he's realizing that he's stepped in a pile of um...s*it.

chat2missie said...

I don't want to argue politics, but this shows McCain puts our country first, not politics.  

Have  a good night.


lv2trnscrb said...

I think it was for a good reason he wants to postpone the debate; tomorrow marks 40 days until the election (or the night before the election); I'm continuing on my plan for this election; I for one will be grateful and thankful when this election is over; its such a shame all around in so many mediums how people are treating one another over it; saddens me


wykdwife said...

McCain's campaign is a parody of itself now. He wants to delay the VP debate because well, frankly, after the Couric interview Palin looks like a fool. No thought just parotting talking points. A goofy smile, batting eyelashes and mudering the English language may go over well with some. Sorry but I certainly don't want to elect a person I'd like to have a beer with---ugh that was Bush. Her backwoods way of speaking will never fly on the international stage where people are professional. I think my cat could destroy her in a debate. meoooooow! }:>

lisawesmalayna said...

I love both of the shows! I grew up watching David Letterman, my first memory was when he drove a nail through his fake hand. It scared the heck out of me, but my dad told me it was like a magic trick, that it wasn't real. I'm throwing a pen at the computer screen right now!   "Aaaaaaaaaaa"

I love Craig Ferguson, I have followed him before The Drew Carey Show. I enjoyed him as Mr. Wick! I purchased a film out of the $5 bin at Walmart year's back, It was called "The Big Tease", which stars him. Have you seen that one yet?  I enjoy his skits when he dresses up, and what makes it funny for me is that he really doesn't look like the person, or sound like them. Ha Ha

I agree with you about the debates, they can be important for Americans to see who they want to vote for. Especially for people who don't make time to research, or watch the news. Atleast if it is on local channels people who watch thier programs will have to watch it, or hopefully read a book.

"Mr. Obvious"  The Bob and Tom Show! HA HA! LOL That is one of my favorite skits.

Thank you for the information and the laughs!

Write On,


queeniemart said...

Again, McCain is MESSING UP.  I need a person in the White house who has it TOGETHER, 24/7, with handlers who are not liars and crooks (like Bush and Dick C.) and McCain thinks waiting because Palin is not ready to even talk to a freaking journalist is going to impress the Americans who are not able to meet their bills this month, who have lost their life savings in the last two weeks due to the AH's on Wall Street? GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK.

wwfbison said...

LOL, speed dating...that is funny.

fowfies said...

I think McCain seems 'out of it'. Cancelled with Dave, not a good move. I got an email from this group I subscribe to about Palin. Do you know she condones and even participates in killing wolves for sport? They fly over in a helicopter and shoot them, sometimes not killing them, and leaving them to die a slow horrible death. She can rot in hell for all I care. Now thats just my opinion mind you. Kelly