Friday, September 19, 2008

Machiavellian Monday

Arrrr, hope ye're havin' a fun-blasted Talk Like a Pirate Day! Ye've still got several hours t'go, so make the best of 'em, ye barnacle-crusted salty dogs!
A big thanks to Linda over at Linda's World for including my link (and Ken's) in her Guest Editor write-up this week. Thanks, Linda!
After a quick trip to my doctor's office, I picked up a few things at the grocery store. When I got home and was putting things away, Ken called from work. He said, "Guess what we're doing Monday?" Of course, I had no idea, and not enough time to come up something clever, so I said, "Uhhh...I dunno." He said, "Remember that Economics Club?" I do...they have guest speakers up at one of the Michigan colleges, and a while back, we went to hear John Glenn speak. Well, Ken got us tickets to hear the guest speaker on Monday, who is none other than...Karl Rove.
That's right, brilliant political strategist to some, the Prince of Darkness's understudy to others.
Whether you love him or hate him, he certainly figured out how to get Pres. Bush elected to two terms. However, his Machiavellian techniques left a very bad taste in many mouths (just ask John McCain).
Rove was in the news just this week, for this (from Frank James of The Chicago Tribune):
Karl Rove was asked this morning on Fox New Sunday about truth in advertising, specifically campaign advertising, and he had something unexpected to say.
He said Obama's campaign had ranged too far from the truth in at least one of its TV ads, the one in which it accused Sen. John McCain of being out of touch because he admitted to not knowing how to use e-mail. That was predictably Rovian.
But here was the surprise. Rove went on to say McCain's campaign had veered too far from the truth as well in attacking Obama. According to Rove:
"McCain has gone, in some of his ads, similarly gone one step too far in sort of attributing to Obama things that are, you know, beyond the 100% truth test."
This prompted a response from Democratic National Committee spokesman Damien LaVera:
"When Karl Rove says your campaign is dishonest, maybe it's time to reevaluate."
Ouch man. But how true. The King of the Smear Campaign said that Obama's ads stretch the truth--not surprising that he'd say that (although they're actually mostly factual, according to FactCheck), because of his party affiliation. But to go on to say that McCain's ads--the guy in his own party--is stretching the truth...well, that was a surprise!
Considering the highly charged atmosphere of this election, this speech could get pretty lively. It's a dinner speech, so I wonder if someone will throw a roll at him? I wonder if he'll get some tough questions? I'd like to ask something like, "You said that McCain's ads have gone too far. Is this your way of saying that Sen. McCain has lied about things?" Maybe someone will ask, "You've sold your soul to the devil. Do you think your lawyers will be able to get you out of your contract?" Ha ha!
I'm obviously not a fan of the guy--I think "Rovian" has entered America's lexicon as a word that means using questionable, if not downright dishonest, tactics, and using whatever weapons you can--real or fictitious--to win. If you don't have facts, make something up. It's detestable, but the sad  truth is that it often works. What does that say about US?
I think it should be an interesting speech, though. And we get dinner. Ken told me that for next year, they're trying to get Bush, as well as Condi. I would definitely love to hear Condi speak!



gen0507 said...

I bet you will have a good'll have to let us know how things go!


mereel2005 said...

Mazol Tov! at being chosen as a pick.

sybilsybil45 said...

That sure sounds a great evening..we will be hanging on in here to hear what all went on LOL  mind you dinner sounds good !   Love syil xx

mleppard06 said...

have a great time on monday!! sounds good. have a good weekend mrs t xx

slapinions said...

Speaking as your resident Republican on this site, I'm sure you've guessed I'm a fan of Rove :) Not in line for Canonization by any means, but his job was to be the Devil and get the job done, not be a saint who's courteous in defeat.

Enjoy the dinner, I'm envious.


frankandmary said...

I love ranged too far from the truth, when he means LYING. Beyond the 100% truth test, when he means LYING. It all reminds me of Clinton when he wouldn't answer a question until "is" in the question was defined. EYE ROLL.

I always think of Rove sitting around The White House thinking: Land Rovian.

& I voted for Bush. ~Mary

buckoclown said...

As you said, like or hate him, he was a great stategist.  He is now a political analyst on Fox News, who'd of thunk :o)

kaydeejay5449 said...

Karl Rove telling the truth?  I'm stocking up on supplies... the big earthquake is coming!  LOL

Thanks for stopping by my journal on Linda's recommendation.  She is such a sweet heart.  When she and Bob visited So. California, we were able to connect on the phone.  Had a delightful conversation.

I'm putting you on my list of favs.  I'll be back....

Hugs, Kathy

chat2missie said...

Enjoy your weekend.

preciousone25 said...

Congrats on being a guest editor pick!!!  WOO HOO!!!


solace223 said...

That will be interesting.  Although I don't know if I could stand to be in the same room with the guy.  Food would not get thrown.  (don't waste good food, eat it, damnit)  The knives and forks might learn to fly however.  lol  You should ask him questions as if it's still Pirate Day.  Now THAT I would pay to go see.  lol

wwfbison said...

Please take a picture if someone does throw a roll at him. How funny would that be!  I would go too, heck, it might be some good entertainment with a free meal, you can't beat that on a Monday night!

sendflowers2me said...

If you get to ask your question, I REALLY want toknow his reply!  Enjoy the evening and try to hold down your dinner.


lisawesmalayna said...

I think it would be interesting to go, and I hope you get to ask a question. I too am not a big fan of him, but I never turn down the chance to probe a political figure. I have seen Democrats and Reublicans speak, and got to ask a question once. That person was Barrack Obama, and I was nervous as hell. One of my favorites was Robert Kennedy Jr, and I will write about it later. I just hope you can keep your food down, if not I hope you are in the front row! Ha Ha!
I hope you both have a good time!

Peace and love,