Friday, September 5, 2008

Does this make me an oldie but a goodie?

Ken had a late meeting last night, and didn't get home until almost 9 PM. He had already made arrangements to work from home today, so he's sitting across from me right now! This means that we were able to drop his car off at the dealer, then get a few groceries, and we can pick up the car at 2 PM. There's no way I would have--or could have--sat there for four hours waiting, and I didn't have to hassle with them bringing me home, etc.
I didn't want to go to the store tomorrow, because it is the home opener for Notre Dame! Woohoo! Of course, that meant the store was fairly busy today, but it wasn't bad. We got stuff for a Snack Food dinner tomorrow--some interesting cheeses, etc. Football is here! Happy happy joy joy!
I forgot to write about this. Donna over at This and that, and Hockey! has started a fun little game. She calls it Mystery Blogger, where people send in an old picture of themselves and we all have to try and guess who it is. Mary was the first Mystery Blogger, and I was the second. This is the picture I sent to Donna:
That's Cousin Shane on the left. This remains one of my favorite pictures, just because we were having such a good time, and laughing a lot--they way we usually do!
If I recall, I was up from college (this would have been in the early 80's) to spend the weekend with Shane and Aunt Bert and her husband. We were out somewhere to get a few things (maybe K-Mart?), and for some reason, we decided to hop in the photo booth. I had my Sex Pistols T-shirt on, the "God Save the Queen" one with the picture of Queen Elizabeth with her eyes and mouth blacked out. I also had a button on, and Shane thinks it might have been the Clash, "London Calling." I was really into my punk rock at that time! Shane and I would play records for hours, and of course, there was always MTV, which actually played cool music videos back then!
So I love this picture, despite the dorky Sally Jesse Raphael glasses, and that my nose looks HUGE! It's really not that big, at least I've never thought it was freakishly large. Anyhoo, the picture reminds me of a time when the world was mine for the taking, but really all we wanted to do was just rock out and have a good time.
Hmm. I guess things haven't changed all that much! Except for my glasses.


shrbrisc said...

ole those good ole days I have a few of those mtv moments too

rdautumnsage said...

I recognized you right off the bat, at first I thought it was Leif Garrett (anyone still remember him) next to you. As for the A-ok sign entry...people will pick apart the smallest things you write about. You will find it more and more present, the more popular you get. For all the great aspects of J-land there are at times a few downsides. I got the humor that was intended. The candidates have been anything but pleasant to one another this campaign, so who knows it could very well be meant that way. If it really is the ok sign, why not use the appropriate hand signature which looks like an O and K. (Hugs)Indigo

P.S. Don't change who you are for a few. I've come to love the Beth I know as she is, quirky humor and all. (Hugs) Indy

buckoclown said...

Always nice to not have to take the drive, and spend the day with you :o)

amy122389 said...

Haaaaaaaa........I had those glasses, too!  Yeah, baby...we were stylin'.


makemarc said...

Of course you wore the glasses. You were Siamese twins joined at the head, and you needed something to tell you apart.
I'm glad the separation surgery was successful, but I bet Ken is even happier.

wwfbison said...

LOL, you are so funny!  What an adorable both look so happy, of course who could ever keep a straight face in those booths.  I remember the days when MTV actually played videos.

lv2trnscrb said...

what a cute game Donna came up with!! I liked the picture of you from the "olden days"

enjoy your football game tomorrow!

thanks for the well wishes from you and Ken about me being a guest editor's pick this week :)


krmprm said...

How cute you were, and still are!   At least,
you didn't have the "Big" hairdo that is in all
my old photos. Good for a box photo!  You
and Ken enjoy your day together and the
game tomorrow.    Pat

helmswondermom said...

Loved the picture when I saw it on Donna's journal, even moreso when I found out it was you!  Glad you didn't have to wait for the car for four hours.

queeniemart said...

i have dozens of pics from the early 80's from that booth at the mall where you put a $1 in and a Polaroid pops out. Your nose does not look big..i love the mystery blogger entries but i am SO lost......never have any idea who is who!

eml625 said...

What a great idea for a game , I LOVE it.
I was never into punk rock, in fact believe it or not in the 80's I was a MAJOR Dead HEAD !!! Yup  Tie Dyes and all !
Take Care

chat2missie said...

I thought that was sure, but I I wasn't sure.  I love the game Donna's doing to.  I just may send in a picture too.