Thursday, September 4, 2008

A-Okay! Revisited

[For reference, please see entry immediately prior to this one]

LOL! Folks, I know the crowd at the RNC wasn't flashing a rude gesture to any speaker, to the cameras, or to the world at large! Sorry, but as soon as I saw it, I was reminded of a gesture that is perceived as rude overseas. I can't change international hand signals, and while it's a harmless gesture here, it's immediately recognizable as rude elsewhere. It was an observation, and apparently the satire was a little too heavy-handed. I'll try to have a lighter touch next time. <grin>


chat2missie said...

I know you knew the crowd at the RNC wasn't flasing a rude gesture.  Just who ever came up with that, needs a hobby! LOL
Enjoy your evening.

lurkynat said...

Dear Beth,
Happy Birthday!

preciousone25 said...

Even I knew you were kidding!!  LOL!!!


sybilsybil45 said...

Oh dear Beth  slapped knuckles !!!  I just took it as tongue in cheek !!! might be to do with the readers political stances !!!   anyway I see someone say Happy Birhday...if it is yours have al ovely day.  I will be back sunday late so expect lots of news from you.   Love  Sybil xxx

eml625 said...

Um, well, then Never Mind......

: )

mereel2005 said...

Actually, I think your warning was needed. While we can't go about walking on eggshells, there are time we do need to watch how our words and actions can affect others.
Frankly, knowing what the gesture meant, if I had seem CNN yesterday, I may have reacted the same way.
Hugs, Laini

howiseeit101 said...

Boy or boy do I ever love reading your entries.  Congrats on the caption gig and happy b'day!

mjgm1954 said...

CONGRTAULATIONS ON WINNIG THE CAPTION CONTEST.  I liked how you ued the word babushska. lol

lisawesmalayna said...

I saw your humor right away, it was a very interesting read. It made me chuckle. I just think people get too uptight about thungs, you just keep on being yourself. Because that is what makes you a great person, don't worry about pleasing others without a sense of humor. Think about all the funny movies, shows, and people that would not be if it was up to uptight people. I look forward to your next entry!



markonit said...

... your touch was as light as it would get from me ... that kind of stuff pushes me to defcon 2 at least ..!

wwfbison said...

I thought it was rather amusing myself...of course I really don't get offended easily or read too much in to things like this.