Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another conversation with my husband

[We have CNN on]

CNN says, "Breaking news about Todd Palin!"

Ken: He's pregnant!

Me: [huge laugh]

Thank goodness I wasn't taking a drink at the time! Major spit-take!


gen0507 said...

Y'all are such NUTS!!!!  LOL  

Hmmmm .......

Nutwood Junction.....



frankandmary said...

Maybe if she'd married Clay Aiken. I'm still uncertain as to whether he or his "gf" had that baby....

sangrialel said...

I did the spit thing just reading the entry!  Linda

queeniemart said...

i am sickened but not surprised that Palin and her DH are not going to do as any ordinary American would and that is take the law into their own hands and do what THEY want and not go along with the probe against them. Sounds like a Bush buddy kind of thing.

fowfies said...

Now that would be NEWS!!! LOLLL! Kelly

wwfbison said...

I wouldn't be anything anymore!

lisawesmalayna said...

Breaking News From Pirate Radio!

The latest report on Todd Palin is Arrrr!

At noon today he and the young man who would be is soon to be Son in law are in a whitw Ford Bronco heading for the Mexican border.  Arrr!

Reporters say from a recent phone conversation with Todd Palin they said "He could no longer take the pressures of politics, or live with Sara!""That he could no longer take anymore demands to testify in court." Arrr!

Reporters say that it is hard to make out what Todd is saying at this point! Arrr!

All they can hear is background noise.  Arrr!

Wait they hear something!  Arrr!

It is the young man, and he is repeating something!

"I should have used a condom!" "I should have used a condom!" Arrrr!

Ha Ha,

Cap'n Loren Wesley

luvrte66 said...

Good one, Wes! LOL!

Cap'n Evelyn

solace223 said...

I heard it was twins.  ;)~

solace223 said...

Ooooh, you know what I just thought after writing that?  It would be effing fabulous if a year or two from now (or even better, NOW) you hear in the news that he's come out of the closet and there's photos as proof that he's a raging homosexual.  It would be my Christmas present for life if that happened.  And then to be a fly on the wall when she heard the news!  THAT would be news worthy.  ;)

preciousone25 said...

(Still lookin' for the raw oysters!)   = )