Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hammer Time!

Look out, people, I've got a meat mallet, and I know how to use it!
Dinner is in process (have I mentioned that we eat really late?), and it already smells good. I'm doing Chicken Marsala, carrots with maple syrup glaze, and rice.
Chicken Marsala is really easy. Just pound a couple of chicken breasts till they're fairly thin, dredge them in flour, and saute them on each side in a little butter. Then you fry some mushrooms (I'm just using canned tonight) in a little more butter, add a little marsala wine, and a couple of tablespoons of chicken broth concentrate...scrape up all the goodies in the pan and cook it down a bit, then pour it on top of the chicken breasts. Voilà! Chicken Marsala!
I'm getting hungry.
Did anyone watch "Fringe" on Fox last night? Wow, good stuff! We got a phone call while it was on, so missed a bit of it, but this looks like a good one, and I think we're hooked. We've read that it's reminiscent of "The X-Files," and it does have that sort of creepy vibe.
While "The X-Files" focused on the alien threat--the truth is out there...have you heard?--"Fringe" seems to be about shady dealings and strange government experiments going on right here.
The first 15 minutes had us saying, "WHOA!" and "Ewwww!" It was nicely creepy, with some kind of flesh-eating virus running rampant on a plane. As with all good weird shows, there seems to be much more to the story, and things are not always what they seem to be.
It's going to be on Monday nights, so looks  like Monday night comedies on CBS might suffer...we shall see. It's been a while since we were excited about a new series, but this one looks pretty good. It's from J.J. Abrams, the guy who does "Lost," although that's one that we don't watch.
Well, dog my cat. I just saw that it was 9 PM, and switched over to ABC to watch Charlie Gibson's interview with Gov. Palin, followed by an interview with Sen. Biden. Something else was on. I tried another channel, and it wasn't on there, either.
Ken said, "Umm...are you sure the interview isn't on Thursday?"
Right you are! And I knew that today is Wednesday! I TOTALLY knew that!


amy122389 said...

mmm - butter.  I think we can use more than just 'a little', don't you?!

We eat late, too.  Then again, we start our day later than most people, too...


queeniemart said...

LOST is, hands DOWN, the BEST show on TV. It is a shame you have not watched it. I am a LOST addict. I have "Fringe" on DVR but no time to watch it yet. Glad to hear it sounds like a winner. XO

buckoclown said...

You just like using the meat mallet and pounding that poor chicken into submission :o)

Fringe was excellent, despite the phone calls, but I believe that Fringe will be on Tuesdays.  We have a potential other new show that may be on Monday against our CBS comedies, so will be interesting to see.

I raise you with a Cat my Dog :o)

preciousone25 said...

LOL... Never heard 'dog my cat' OR 'cat my dog'.... you guys crack me up!!!  I LOVE chicken... found a good looking recipe for BAKED Chicken Kiev... but that has to wait 'til I have some time, it SAYS it takes 25 minutes to prepare, so I'm sure it'll take me at LEAST an hour and a half.


lsfp1960 said...

I guess I'm too late for dinner ....... Linda in WA  

sybilsybil45 said...

Hope you enjoyed your meal last night..sounded good to me.  Love Sybil xx

gen0507 said...

Your supper sounds delish.  We usually eat in shifts around here.  The show sounds like something Hubby would like.  I'll have to tell him about it!


marainey1 said...

My oldest son does a great Chicken Marsella and I even tried it a few times.  Now I have this have empty/full bottle of wine in the fridge that is a couple years you suppose it is still good, or should I pitch it?  I'm going to do a major clean out of the fridge has a few old things in it.  'On Ya'-ma

rdautumnsage said...

When your guy seldom ever comes in earlier than 8:30 at night, you fully get the eating late vibe....just saying. The Chicken sounded great---->but I haven't quite convinced Paul when you cook with alcohol it burns off. Anything that taste like it to him is a trigger. He's done the AA route himself for close to 18 years, It's been almost 5 for me come April.

I so thought of you while watching that program! I loved it. Paul at first thought it was over the top, until I explained with DNA experimentation going on these days, it's not that hard to imagine. By the end of the preview he was hooked. I'll have to check, but I thought they said Tuesday nights would be when it was on...(Hugs)Indigo

wwfbison said...

We usually eat late as well, I only get in from all the animals around 8 -8:30 -(thank goodness for DVR's!!).  The chicken marsala sounds delicious, if I ever cook an actual meal I might give it a try.  I wanted to watch Fringe but forgot when it was starting.  It sounds like something I would like.

markonit said...

... dag, looks like I won't be watching that ... for some strange reason, if a show is on Fox, that seems to be reason enough not to watch ...

shrbrisc said...

do you have a reciepe for Chicken flamingo I love it and can't for the life of me find a reciepe for it ..