Monday, September 15, 2008

Some tips for dealing with "The Evil Dead"

Since we finished the Alien movies (including the last one, the critically-acclaimed "Alaska Alien"), Ken was a good sport and went along with starting the "Evil Dead" trilogy, so we watched the first one tonight.
This is a classic horror movie (it would be a great one to watch at the drive-in), with a group of five enjoying a getaway to a creepy, decrepit cabin in the woods...and oh! Oh my! The only bridge is very rickety, and almost ready to fall down! And the car they're driving is unreliable! Whatever could happen?
Well, I'll tell you.
Warning: Spoiler Alert!
A little exploration in the basement...oh yes, there MUST be a basement...yields a reel-to-reel tape player, and a mysterious book full of strange drawings and cryptic writings. That night, our band of travelers turns out the lights and listens to the tape recording, which turns out to be a professor who has learned how to read the cryptic writing...which he speaks aloud, summoning the evil spirits that dwell in the surrounding woods.
One by one, the members of the group succumb to the evil dead, resulting in some really nasty ghouls with serious cataracts, prematurely greying hair, and a tendency to bleed copiously from the mouth. All fall to the evil lurking in the woods, except for our hero, the square-jawed Ash (played by Bruce Campbell). That's him wielding the chainsaw in the movie poster, and he IS the good guy, trying to maintain his sanity while protecting himself from the ghouls who urge him to "Join usssss."
The professor speaking on the tape has found out that the only way to stop the evil dead is by dismemberment, so Ash alternates between an axe and a chainsaw (although he can't bring himself to use it on his evil dead girlfriend).
Does it sound cheesy? It IS! It REVELS in cheese, and it's one of my favorites. Ken isn't quite there with me when it comes to lovin' the cheese factor, but I hope he enjoys my enthusiasm! I tried to convince him that he was watching a horror classic. Actually, I find this to be quite a scary and creepy movie, despite the clichés and despite how many times I've seen it...of course, at the time of the initial release (1982), this was pretty gory and really pushed the envelope of what was accepted in movies.
End of spoilers
Not that I think I've convinced anyone to watch this one! But I will warn you that this movie is not for the faint of heart. There are large amounts of fake blood, so much so that it becomes almost a parody. Ash is drenched many times over, and at one point takes a gusher right in the face. The campiness is taken even further in the next two movies, and I'm looking forward to watching them again! Have I mentioned that Ken is a good sport?!
I also think that Ash is one of the great characters in horror movies. He's scared out of his gourd, but he does what must be done.
We were laughing at some points during the movie, because they did so many of the "Don'ts" of horror movies! That list has been done already, so I won't try to recreate it, but I'll mention a few that are based on our observations tonight.
If you hear a noise outside, do NOT go out into the woods alone. This is especially important if you are wearing your nightie.
Do not stand in  front of an open window, or even a closed one if the curtains are open.
If you have had enough death and drama, and feel that you must get out of there and go it alone, you will probably be attacked and you will die.
If you are preparing to engage in sexual intercourse--especially premarital--you will probably be attacked and you will probably die.
Do not play any type of recording that has been left by the previous resident. This will result in almost certain death.
If you encounter a mysterious book, especially one that seems to be bound in some type that has a strange likeness to your own not read aloud from it. This will probably result in your own death, and those of everyone around you.
If your friend becomes one of the evil dead, then suddenly seems to have a change of heart, and begins speaking in their normal not trust them. They are evil, and while not truly dead, they are undead. They are not really your friend, and they want to kill you. This goes for girlfriends and boyfriends, too.
It's always good to have an axe handy.
If you think the creature is dead, and you lean down to check on it, it's not really dead, and will probably shoot out its arms and grab you by the throat. Why are you leaning down, anyway? Checking its pulse?
If you lean your back against a wall, it is likely that arms will come shooting out from behind you and grab you.
While you may have a car, chances are good that when you want to leave, it will not start.
And many times must it be said? DON'T GO DOWN TO THE BASEMENT.
I hope you will find these tips helpful the next time you are in a dangerous, evil dead type of situation.


lisawesmalayna said...

I agree with you about the cheese, sometimes horror movies are the cheesiest.
My wife and I love cheesy films, and we are gearing up for our annual Horror fest.
We will right behind you on theses films, and several others. It sounds to me that Ken is "Who Loves Ya Baby".  It has been a while, and I'm tired but I think that quote is what he says in Army of Darkness to the girl likes. If not sorry for messing up a perfectly good quote.  Ash is the Man!



geocachelinda66 said...

HA!  That is funny!  Linda

queeniemart said...

i HATE HATE scary movies!! Chad and Rick and Megan THRIVE on them and sit and scream and grab at others and oohh and ahh....and i read a book or refuse to go to the movies with them. But i will sit and read King or Koontz, which are scary as hell, and LOVE those books and Rick always says "whats the difference". LOL
He has seen all the Evil Dead ones and loves them. You two would getg along fine with your movie selections. The only scary movie i have ever liked and i LOVE it is "Halloween". The old cop scared me to death! XO

carouselqueen70 said...

I love Army of darkness. we own it and watch it over and over..It is so funny..hugs, Christine

chat2missie said...

We've seen that movie and you're right.  There is so much blood it's almost funny.  Have a good day.

valphish said...

Oh, I just CAN'T do horror movies. LOL  Sending hugs, Val xox

lv2trnscrb said...

I loved your "don'ts of horror movies" I'm not a big fan of them, but when coerced gently by son to watch one, I'll give in and I'm usually saying "don't go outside" "stay with the group" etc. You would think people would be more smart than that, wouldn't you?? But then I guess they wouldn't make such good horror movies if people were smarter than that

thanks for the review of this one; I think I'll sit it out :)

enjoy the day!


krmprm said...

Only you can make a horror movie funny to me.
I wouldn't be caught dead seeing this one.  Has
all the phobia components.  I agree with your
tips, and add one of my own,  "Don't Go!"
In the woods OR to the drive-in. You do
amaze me, lady.   Hugz,  Pat

lucille4364 said...

You guys are crazy,, but that is ok, most of us are.  Lucy

wwfbison said...

LOL..I think your review of the movie is probably better than the movie itself!  
I love the list of horror movie "don'ts"...I am still laughing.  

gen0507 said...

LOL ~ right on target!!!!


slapinions said...

As I've said before I love the campy Evil Dead. You failed to mention the tree-rape scene that caused a roomful of people to yell out 'So Wrong!" the first time I watched the movie.  Hilarious, although it certianly doesn't sound all that funny - or normal - in print lol


markonit said...

... your comment about Ash and his doing what must be done mentality is in short supply these days ...

... as to you choice of cinema ... uh, I will pass ... did watch 'Persepolis' on DVD ... was very enjoyable ..!