Saturday, September 20, 2008

Freedom's just another word...NOT!

My pal Jamie over at An Animal Rescuer's Life (Check her out if you get a chance--she's a fun read, although she can definitely make me cry with some of her animal tales.) recently wrote an entry about her problem with what she called "Sire Toilet." It made me laugh, and I thought of her when I came across a series of pictures of altered warning signs. Here's the one that made me think of Jamie.
It's a warning for an Attack Toilet! Yikes--you don't want to run across one of those!
Here's the page that has all the altered signs, and I think you'll find them as funny as I did. Some of the actual warning signs I see already crack me up (here's my entry about a baby in a bucket, which also contains a link to my entry about not storing baby in plastic storage bins), so the altered ones are even funnier!
Speaking of funny, I saw a video this morning about Sarah Palin's hacked email account. I don't think that part is funny. That was an invasion of privacy, and hackers are not our friends! (Although her refusal to turn over her emails concerning state business, even though she CC'd her husband--NOT a part of the administration--seems a little fishy to me. Apparently it is not illegal, and there is precedent for spousal privilege there. We all share things with our spouses unless someone tells us not to. I always ask a person if it's okay to share that with Ken...if they say no, I don't. Anyhoo, if it's official business, why can't we see those records? I'm just askin'.)
The funny part of the video is that Bill O'Reilly (who is funny in his own scary way) is discussing the email hack with a fellow FoxNews reporter. While I'm not a fan of FoxNews, I applaud this woman for standing up to this guy and saying, "No no no...that is not how it works!" O'Reilly keeps giving more and more ludicrous analogies, and she shoots every single one of them down, almost to the point of becoming exasperated with his lame argument. She brings up freedom of the press, and there's that darn First Amendment again...that thing will just NOT go away!
I believe that the press has a responsibility to not incite panic, but the First Amendment is the reason we all have the right to state our opinions, whether in print or by spoken word. Hacking the email account was wrong, and the person will be subject to prosecution; the web site that posted the emails was reporting news, had no part in anything illegal, and is not subject to any charges whatsoever. Nice try, O'Reilly, and sieg heil! But I don't think so!




marainey1 said...

I love those altered warning signs...Hope your Saturday is a great one !
'On Ya' - ma

shrbrisc said...

My children and I was just discussing confidential information they made some good points , I believe the news is so far out there I don't even watch it anymore I make my decission on what I can figure out with reports and such , I think freedom of speech is great but I believe that the news is bias and misleading the facts so there fore they should lose that escape goat..
have a great weekend

buckoclown said...

Never really watched Bill O'Reilly, and I can now say, I am not a fan.

gen0507 said...

LOL about the signs!!!!


frankandmary said...

My ex bf hacked into my private aol journal, just to show me how easily it could be done. To his credit, he told me immediately that he'd done it, & it did really prove a point to me. That being: Almost ANYONE can find out almost ANYTHING about you that you put out on the net. Act & write accordingly. ~Mary

chat2missie said...

I hope you're having a good weekend.

wwfbison said...

Love the Hazardous Cat Sign...I should have a few of them.  Geesh, I gotta tell you, I felt like reaching through the screen a slapping Bill to bring him out of whatever state he was in!!  That dude needs to come up for air once in a while, how annoying & as you same, lame.   I agree with you, that gal did a great job.

solace223 said...

Immediately after you sent this to me, I made my husband come look at it.  He's like no way, we have to get that put on the toilet as a warning!  lol  Not so sure about that but it's definitely fitting!

lisawesmalayna said...

A sphinktor said what? More and more Ludicrous analogies! I get it when you say Ludicrous! Bill O'Reilly insanely makes me laugh! Ha Ha

I like what youv'e done here!


queeniemart said...

O'Reilly is a pompous ass and i think Palin is too. She has a lot of Bush and his "i am gonna do it MY WAY" attitude. I pray she is not elected VP.

preciousone25 said...

I started reading this entry yesterday, then went into the link you provided for altered signs, got lost there, and forgot to come back.... LOL!!  If I ever say something to you, and tell you not to tell Ken, I'd still expect you to tell him, if I didn't want you to tell him, I wouldn't tell you..... LOL!!!  I usually assume a married couple shares everything.... but then, what do I know about being married?  LOL!!!


dbdacoba said...

O'Reilly is a cartoon.   D