Saturday, September 6, 2008

Attack of the Killer B's

After Notre Dame got intercepted--AGAIN--I had to step away.
When going into a commercial break, one of the analysts said, "We'll be back with the new and improved Irish...who so far, only look new." Ouch man. But it's true. There's still plenty of time to go, and I'm watching while I'm sitting here typing, but Ken and I are VERY disappointed so far. They're protecting Clausen better, but there have been fumbles, interceptions, botched holds for field goals and extra points...this does not bode well, and it could be a long season.
To get my mind off of this train wreck we're watching on TV, I'll write about some fun stuff. Some "good stuff," if you will!
[San Diego State just got a first down, and Ken said, "GOD!...bless America." I admire his restraint.]
Those fabulous folks on the right are The B-52's, and this morning, Cousin Shane sent me an email which said that the band is going to be playing in our "back yard," Star Plaza in Merrillville, Indiana. He was planning on going, and did I want to go?
I debated a little...Ken and I talked about our entertainment budget...he encouraged me to go...I thought about how much Shane and I love the B-52's and how much fun we've had when we saw them in the past, and how long it's been since my cuz and I did a road trip to a concert...and I said...
Oh HELL yeah! I'm goin'!
A while back, I gave a mini-review oftheir latest CD, "Funplex." It's gotten great reviews, and their performances on tour have also garnered a lot of praise. Shane drove down to North Carolina a few months ago to see them, and he said they sounded and looked great!
[Update: Irish are looking better, and just got a touchdown to take a 1-point lead. YES!]
Back to the B's. I should do a full Beth's Music Moment at some point, because they're probably the best New Wave band ever (at least in my opinion), and they're still going strong. Shane and I still talk about when we first heard of them. They were the musical guests on "Saturday Night Live," and they sang "Rock Lobster" and "Dance This Mess Around." Shane and I looked at each other and said, "Oh my God!" and we were fans for life.
So on Friday, October 17th, Shane and I will be hitting the road (in his car, Joan Jetta), stopping for a bite to eat, and then paying a visit to Fred, Keith, Kate, and Cindy. He says he got really good seats, center stage, row K, aisle seats--sounds awesome!
[Another update: Irish just got another touchdown! Ken and I yelled so loud we scared the cat. Looks like they've got the win!]
And the Irish win! <whew>
Here is one of my favorite B-52's songs, "Dirty Back Road." I just like the laid-back vibe of it, the girls singing together, and it reminds me of just driving around on the country roads around here. You can bet that Shane and I will be playing some B's songs on the way up and probably singing along! (Hopefully he'll turn it up so that my voice is drowned out. That would be my advice!)
Dirty Back Road
Reckless drivin', like a sports car
God I want you, like a fuel engine!
Energized line, like a road
You ride me
Like a road
You ride me

Foot on the peddle
Feet in the air
Sand in my hair
Oh, don't look back
Don't look behind you
Reckless drivin' on
Dirty Back Road




buckoclown said...

Go Irish :o)

I know that you and Cousin Shane will have a great time!

laurelrk66 said...

Beth,  I finally got some time to check out your blog!   I look forward to visiting it much more often in the future.  As you know, my life is kinda full these days, so I'll do the best I can.   In the meantime, I love your entry about "Barracuda" and the whole Palen thing.  You go, girl!  Good to see that your political leanings lean the same way as mine.

Laurel in Afton

rdautumnsage said...

I echo Ken's sentiments, sounds like a great time in the planning...I've never heard that song by the B 52's thanks for sharing. A new tune I like (sometimes that sounds so weird to me too, a deaf person commented on something sounding good)...My fondest memory of them was "The Love Shack"...Want to hear something hilarious. Pauls off to a wedding playing a gig he's gone for almost 7 hours, won't be home till 1 in the morning. I usually text something to him to either make him laugh or cheer him on and he reads it whenever he gets a break. Apparently his phone was ringing behind me, he forgot to take it with him. So whenever I texted him, his phone rang Pickles kept trying to tell me, but I couldn't understand why she was going over to the coffee table. I've had some strange moments not being able to hear....(Hugs)Indigo

gen0507 said...

I'm glad your team did better! The concert sounds like so much fun!  I know you two will have a ball.  By the way, did you ever find anything out about the man at the casino?  I was just wondering if he made it or not.


ggrant008 said...

Miss Ginger WORSHIPS the B-52's! (There's a lot of ruins- in Meso -potmia!)  My favorite B-52's song ever is very obscure- it's called "Cake".  Has anyone ever heard it?

queeniemart said...

Regis will be SO happy on TV on Monday that ND won!!
Do you like The Cure? Was it you that journaled about them once? I saw that they had a new CD coming out and  i thought of you even if it is not you that likes them. LOL
I do not know New Wave hardly at all but love reading your reviews. Enjoy that concert!! XOXO

preciousone25 said...

I used to love the B-52's, back in the 80's, but I don't hear about them much anymore, guess I'm just old... LOL!!!  I can't get the video today, maybe I'll try tomorrow.


lisawesmalayna said...

I love them, I have every album on vinyl. I almost got the newest one the other day, but hestitated and got a double disc instead. I will check it out as soon as possible. It sounds like a concert worth checking out, I will see if they are playing closer to me. If not have great time for all of us B52's fans. Heres a little fact I heard years ago: They were one of John Lennons favorite bands, so he saw them often.



wwfbison said...

Cool, I have to be honest & tell you I really never paid much attention to them.  In fact, I think the only song I really know is Loveshack - everyone knows that song!  I enjoyed the video and the song...I am going to check out more about them.  Joan Jetta...too cool.