Sunday, July 15, 2007


More about vacation stuff later (probably our visit to Jamaica...yeh mon!), but a quick comment about a conversation with my buddy Greg at work today.

A few of my coworkers have Myspace accounts, and when I visit their pages, it's usually some pictures (which are nice) and a little about themselves (also nice). I'm not a Myspace user, but I noticed that there is the ability to write a blog...but none of them are writing! I asked Greg about it, and wondered if he was going to write anything. He said probably not, that he's not sure he could write anything interesting to anyone other than himself (or words to that effect). Well, that's never stopped ME! I don't know if anyone finds this interesting or not (although I was certainly happy to find a comment from a user name I don't recognize in my post about Haiti), but it's just fun for me to do. I've always liked to write, whether in a journal or in lengthy letters, and this is the next logical step.

I guess Myspace has a different seems to be a little more about networking and making friends (or as Greg told me today, making friends, know what I mean, nudge nudge wink wink). Not that everyone on Myspace is doing that!

I'm just hanging out here, writing a bit about things I find interesting. It's fun for me, and I like putting up pictures of our place, our critters, and other neat stuff. It's a bonus when someone reads it and likes it, and maybe even comments on it. Thanks for reading, whoever you are!

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