Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A picture or three

Finally, we're back in business. We got a laptop as our new computer (although I think we'll replace the motherboard on the old one--I'm quite fond of that computer, and I like desktops better than laptops), but I had to have a wireless keyboard and mouse. That touchpad and mini-keyboard were just NOT workin' for me. My hands are much happier since I got those up and running.

Here's the tree that got hit by lightning:

That gives me the willies every time I look at it. But things could have been a lot worse, and I feel fortunate that we didn't lose more things. If our big TV had gone kablooey, I think I would have cried. But of course, these are mere possessions. We could have been hurt, or the house could have caught on fire...all in all, we're pretty lucky, and we have learned a lesson: when lightning is that bad, unplug stuff!

We just had a new garage built to give us a little more options as far as space. This will enable us to put the workout equipment in the old garage, which will give us more room in the basement. We had Dewey Construction do the work, and we couldn't be more pleased. Dan is a really nice guy, and he and his crew did excellent work. (We asked them to do a couple of other minor projects in the house, and they did a great job with that, too.) I would recommend them to anyone in our area.

Doesn't that look nice? They didn't do the brick walkway, though--that's Ken's work, and I think he did a great job. I like heading out the door and walking down the steps, swinging whatever in my hand. (Today it was the compost crock.) I didn't actually sing, "La dee da," but I think I might have to next time.

Lastly (for today), I got a picture of this little guy today. These are one of my favorite insects, because they're such a pretty green color, and they always seem like they're friendly little guys. And they look like a leaf.


Katydids are cool!

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bgilmore725 said...

So I picked July 25th entry to read since it is my birthday. And what joy to discover a friend of our six legged friends! i often add pictures of critters to my journal: dragonflies, bees, ladybugs, spiders, katydids, moths, butterflies, hornets ... my favorite was the Great Leopard slugs I found getting ready to mate in our woods two years ago. Set me off on a google search of leopard slugs, and man that was the most interesting reading and video I've ever seen.  bea