Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another one bites the (star)dust

The Stardust Resort & Casino  1958-2007

I was saddened today to see the implosion of The Stardust. Progress and all that, I suppose. Whatever. Part of the Cool Factor when it comes to Vegas is thinking of its glamorous days, and even its dangerous days of Mob involvement. (Not that I think that's okay, but there is a certain fascination in this country with that particular Organization, don't you think?)

I hate to see the old places coming down. At least I got to see The Stardust before it went, and got some nice pictures of the sign. Thank goodness Vegas realized that it can't completely raze its past, and has preserved Fremont Street. I know the Strip is the big draw, but give me the old casinos any day. I hope someone will step in and save El Cortez, one of the first casinos in Vegas. Despite my love of the old casinos, I have to admit that the air of desperation there felt almost creepy.

Anyhoo, that made me sad today. I'm a big fan of retro architecture and signage, and it's tough to see some of these things be destroyed. That makes me think of Route 66, and I promise I'll write more about that one of these days!

On a happier note, Tut is coming up this weekend. I was paging through a book I have, one that has plenty of photos of the original tomb and the condition in which it and its artifacts were found. Oh, it just gives me chills. I'm so excited!

I'm going to start attaching tags to my posts, and they will appear at the bottom of the posts. Do not be alarmed. They're just a way to identify what I write about (including in my previous posts).

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