Sunday, March 4, 2007

A favorite CD is found

I got a pleasant surprise the other day! While looking through a pile of CD's by the stereo, I kept coming across the jewel case for one of my favorites. Apparently I'm Mrs. Short Term Memory, because every time I saw it, I'd open it and want to play it. But just like the previous half a dozen or so times, the CD was still not there. It wasn't in my car, it wasn't in Ken's car, I wasn't able to find it in any CD holder...I was stumped, and disappointed every time.

Finally, when Ken and I were in the basement to play some pool, I turned on the basement stereo, and there it was! (No, I hadn't thought to look there before. I don't know why.) I took it upstairs and cranked it up, and I remembered again how much I love it. Hey, that's a pun, because here it is:

Yep, Lyle Lovett's "The Road to Ensenada." Ken didn't care for it too much, said it's a little too much twang for his taste. I suppose that's true for a lot of folks, but there's a lot more than twang there. I love his songwriting, and there are a couple of songs on there that still bring a tear to my eye because they're just so dang pretty, like "I Can't Love You Any More." Lovely. I took it into work the other day, and one of the couriers who loves music looked through my stack of CD's for that day. He wasn't familiar with Lyle's music, but I recommended him highly and I hope he checks him out. He said he's heard that a lot of women find Lyle attractive for some reason. I said, well, not really, or at least not in the traditional sense. More like in a poetic way, because he really does write some beautiful songs and lyrics.

On another musical topic, Cousin Shane was unsuccessful in his attempt to get tickets for the Police show in Detroit. When he tried for the Chicago show at Wrigley Field (how cool would that be?), the lowest-priced seats still available were $275. Get real. While we haven't given up yet, we're slowly becoming resigned to watching the concert DVD at home. Of course, we both have big new flatscreen TV's, so it probably will be quite good! The same as being at the show? Of course not. But at $275 a pop, the show just ain't happenin' for me.

A fairly productive weekend, but also a chance to relax and sleep in. Ahhh! More snow yesterday, though, so I was thinking some more about our cruise. At the moment, July seems a long way away....

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