Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ticket Nazis

If you recall, I was all excited about the Police reunion tour. My excitement and enthusiasm soon took a couple of major setbacks.

First, when I started checking tour dates, everything close by (Chicago, St. Louis) was during our summer vacation. So I thought I'd check alternatives. Vegas seemed like a good bet (HA! That was accidental!), because we could fly in quick for a weekend. When I started checking prices for all the venues, I couldn't believe my eyes. The cheapest ticket in Chicago and St. Louis was $275. The cheapest in Vegas was $630. No joke. (The highest in Vegas was upwards of six grand. Unreal.)

It looks like they're adding additional shows, but the dates haven't been decided yet. There's still hope, and I DO hope we get to see them. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for possibilities.

The ticket prices just boggled my mind. I have to wonder: where did these inflated prices come from? Did the band set the prices? (If so, shame on you, Police, for making this inaccessible to so many of your fans.) Do the venues set the prices? Is it ticket brokers? What happened to the cheap seats? (Although in this case, cheap is relative--it looks like the cheapest seats are around $50, but I saw none of those for sale anywhere.) Yeah, we could probably spring for some of these higher-priced tickets, as well as fly somewhere to see them. But you know what? It becomes a matter of principle. Is entertainment so important that you'd blow a thousand or so finding it? My answer is no. I love the band, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

If a reincarnated Elvis were playing a gig somewhere, THEN we'd talk.

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