Sunday, February 4, 2007

Now I can relax

Congratulations to Coach Dungy and the Colts, and to Peyton. Yay Colts! Also a big congrats to the Bears--it was a fun Super Bowl! What fun to finally see my team in it, and to actually WIN the thing! As you can see below, Ken and I were psyched for the game:

Ken is not happy about the outcome, but he was a great sport and said yay for Peyton. I feel kind of bad, because I feel bad for Ken, but I'm still happy my team won. I know Ken would feel the same way if things were reversed. It's hard when you each have a favorite team in the big game! But I think we handled it well and kept our cool.

Okay, so football is over for 7 months or so. ACK! Withdrawal!

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obensive said...

Wow...Schweet jerseys!!!  Well i was kinda sad and my Mom was also sad...Oh well...I concede...go colts and Peyton did a great job in less than satisfiable conditions...Go Colts...