Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My new toy

There it is! After much reading of reviews and features on Amazon, this is what I chose: the Canon A710, with 7.1 megapixels and a 6x zoom. I did check out quite a few others, including Kodaks and Pentaxes, but I kept coming back to Canon, where I also checked out other models like the Elphs--but I kept coming back to this particular model. It got very good customer reviews (a nice feature on Amazon), with only minor complaints such as battery life (thus, I ordered the rechargable batteries with charger). I can hardly wait to get it and start playing with it. Another nice thing on Amazon is the ability to track your of about 5:30 this morning, my camera was in Nashville. Godspeed, little friend.

Nasty weather the past couple of days--several inches of snow, but the real problem was blowing and drifting. I got stuck in our driveway, about 3 feet from getting into the garage. Ken cleared off the driveway last night, but it was all drifted over this morning, and we're rural enough that our road is not high on the priority list for plowing. It's nice and sunny out now, so the plows should have us taken care of!

By the way,

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you and your honey are comfy and cozy, and happy as can be.

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