Sunday, March 25, 2007

Overdue update!

Whew, I can't believe how long it's been, but it's a hectic time at the moment. Back from vacation, getting ready for a visit from some out of town friends (lots of cleaning to do!), it's getting warm so there's yard work, and best of all, it's close to seed-starting time! I feel like the next month is going to be way too busy, but it will definitely be fun!

A couple of comments on our trip. First, I was so happy to see the Tut exhibit. It was beautiful, and there were a few things that just took my breath away (like the full-size sarcophagus of Queen Tiye, and the tiny sarcophagus that held Tut's liver). I think my favorite things were the calcite unguent jar (with the lion on the lid, sticking his tongue out), and the calcite canopic jar stopper. The canopic jar lid was a head, and the features were just lovely. I don't know if it was male or female, but it was beautiful. I'm so pleased I finally got to see it, and God love Ken for suggesting that we go to Philly when we couldn't make it in time to see it in Chicago. It also got us to talking about one day taking a trip to Egypt to see the monuments and temples in person...I think things will need to settle down a bit, but it really is my ultimate dream for a trip, even more so than--dare I say it?--Route 66. We'll be doing Route 66 soon, so it's an achievable goal. Egypt will be a little harder, which makes me want to work for it even more. Hmmm!

Second trip note: meeting RaQuel in NYC. We've corresponded for years, and what a pleasure to finally get to meet her. She's a total peach, and I like her even more after meeting. (Her toy room is awesome! One word: Godzilla!) I was as happy as could be. She treated us to a wonderful dinner at a great Italian restaurant, and I was gabbing so much that I couldn't finish my dinner. Ken will laugh at that, because although I'm not a real talkative person most of the time, he knows that I'm an extremely slow eater. Get me to talking--like to a newly-met longtime correspondent--and I'm like a glacier with my food. Here's to you, RaQ!

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