Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Holiday Weekend!

And many thoughts of those who have left us. You're still loved and missed.

Urgh, the past couple of days at work really dragged. After two wonderful days off, I just did NOT want to be there. I did manage to get lots done on my days off, though, and the garage sale is ready to go. I can't say I'm looking forward to it, but I'll be happy to get rid of a lot of this stuff. That reminds me of when my Mom would have a garage sale when Shane and I were in school. We'd ride home on the school bus, and we'd feel that extra-special embarrassment that only high school kids can feel. All the kids on the bus would be looking at the house and all the cars, and the stuff in the garage...oh, it was terrible! Shane and I still laugh about it. I look back at it now and wonder what the big deal was, but I guess pretty much everything was embarrassing back in high school. I think I managed to channel that a little bit tonight when I drove around the block and put up the signs for the sale. I felt oddly weird and shy about putting them up, although I even asked the guy at the gas station on the corner if it was okay. Oh God, I need therapy! I have garagesaleophobia! Ha!

No Sopranos this week. We get a week off for the holiday. I think I'll survive.

It's kind of fun to enter the rerun season, because we get a chance to watch movies and DVD's we haven't watched while regular shows are on. In the past week, we've watched the first disc of the first season of our "Star Trek" DVD set. Did I mention that I'm a geek--er, I mean, that I love "Star Trek"? Especially the original series. It's such a hoot to watch it now. We have as much fun with the cheesy effects as anything, but I tell you what--they're still some great stories, and I still totally love watching it. How many times have I seen all these episodes? Hard telling, but I'm often able to quote lines from them. And yes, I've seen the movie "Trekkies," which I thought was great, and no, I'm not quite that obsessive. I honestly just love the show, even though my closet is lacking a Starfleet uniform. We do own a tribble, though, which we got at The Star Trek Experience at the Hilton in Vegas. Which was totally awesome, I must say. The kids had never seen the tribble episode, so we watched it last time they were here. I brought out the tribble for the occasion! I had to draw the line at tossing the tribble, though.

One more thing. I've been reading about the whole confrontation between Rosie O'Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselbeck on "The View." God knows why, because I have never watched that show, and unless I'm captured and tortured, I don't believe I ever will. Apparently Rosie made the comment that people don't like her because she's "a fat lesbian." No, that has nothing to do with it. For me, it's because she's incredibly irritating, she's spews her opinions like they're sent to her from On High, and she is just so damn argumentative. She asked Elizabeth why she (E.) didn't defend her (R.) after some of her (R.'s) comments, and called her (E.) a coward. Are you following this? Hey, defend your own comments. Since when is it okay to say whatever you want and then expect someone else to defend you? Take responsibility for your comments, and know that there may be people who call you to task on them. Are you going to sit there and ask all your friends why they aren't defending you, or are you going to be able to back up your comments and defend what you have said? If not, then think before you speak, and consider keeping your mouth SHUT. Wow, what a concept. Oh, and apparently after the on-air fight, Rosie's assistant was drawing mustaches on all of Elizabeth's pictures in the building. Classy.

Remember when Rosie was funny in "A League of their Own"? What happened? Looks like someone got clobbered with the Bitter Stick.

I think I'm just a little fed up with celebrities thinking that they're so much smarter and more in tune with the world than the rest of us riff-raff. They have been fortunate and blessed enough to have a public forum, and perhaps that gift would be better used if the shrillness were to go away. I'm thinking about people who are taking the time and making the effort to have a genuine discussion about problems, and doing research, and then doing something about it: Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett, Bono, Don Cheadle, for a few examples. They aren't just funneling money into what often ends up being black holes of charity; they're funding research and raising awareness on issues that will make a true difference in the lives of millions. To me, that speaks much more to a lasting contribution to society and the world than merely having an argument with someone.

<climbing down off my soapbox>

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