Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New addition to the Nutwood family

Ken saw him on Saturday, and I got to see him on Sunday. Say hi to Spot:

Is he adorable or what?! We've had fawns before, including twins, but this is the youngest we've ever seen. We saw Pregnant Deer about a week ago, so Spot can't be much more than a week old. He's still all gangly and barely walking, and just the cutest little thing. Be safe, little Spot, and welcome to our home!

On to a darker subject. The Sopranos, of course! Wow, only two left, and something bad is brewing. I don't know what's going to happen between Phil and Tony, but I think it's going to be nasty. A few of my favorite things from this episode were...

Tony picking a tooth out of his pants cuff while at the psychologist with A.J. after beating the crap out of Coco for trying to mess with Meadow. As Tony put it while pistol-whipping Coco, "My f***ing daughter, huh?!" Yeah, you just don't mess with a guy's little girl. Coco got what he deserved.

A.J. trying to off himself in the pool. It started out kind of funny, but ended up sad...but I don't think I've ever seen such an annoying kid as A.J. Soprano. I do feel bad for him that he's suffering from depression, but he's always been a whiny little jerk. I liked how he was telling the psychologist that it's all his parents' fault, like the time Carmella made him wear that raincoat in the second grade. Jeez, let it go, ya whinin' little puke.

And my personal favorite was Tony going into the BadaBing, and seeing Silvio sitting there reading a book. The name of the book? How to Clean Practically Anything. I don't know why that struck me so funny, but I'm still laughing about it. I've always liked Silvio. He's always seemed like kind of a nice guy, stays cool and calm, a guy you think, "Gee, I could probably be friends with him." But then you remember that he's the guy who picked up Adriana and said he'd take her to Christopher, and she trustedSilvio. Then he drove her into the woods and shot her in the head. This is the appeal of the show to me. In so many ways, this family (real and Mob) seems like normal, decent folks, with normal problems and faults, but they aren't normal at all. They're crooks and they kill people. Yet you still like them. How do they do that?

Enough for now. Bear in mind that I will be stuck in Sopranoland for the next few weeks, then I'll calm down.

A lovely day here at Nutwood, hot and humid and sunny. Too hot for a lot of people, but I like it like this. I love being able to open all the windows and get a nice breeze going through the house. I'll keep busy today and tomorrow, because we're getting ready for a garage sale this weekend, and I need to get all the items tagged. Seeing all the stuff we've accumulated makes me realize that I need to get very choosy about what I buy. Do I really need it? Do I have to have it? Probably not. What good is a bargain if you're not going to use it? Right? Right.

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