Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nutwood City Limits

My buddy Greg at work read my post about the orioles, grosbeaks, and Piney Squirrel. He said he liked it that we gave Piney Squirrel a name. What I haven't mentioned is that we give most of our critters names. I'll list them all, and I think you'll see how creative and innovative we are when it comes to naming our varmints.

The bat family: Boris, Natasha, and their child, Batty

The groundhog: Groundy

The groundhog's children: Moe, Larry, and Curly

The hummingbirds: Hummy and Mrs. Hummy

The raccoon: Rocky

The oriole: Oreo

The hairy woodpecker: Harry

The downy woodpecker: Downy

The red squirrel: Big Fat Squirrel

The piney squirrel: Piney Squirrel

The cardinal: Richelieu (If that seems a little off our formula, that's because it was suggested by our friend Steve. I thought it was brilliant. I was thinking of "Red.")

About the only things we haven't named are the deer and the turkeys, because there are really too many to keep 'em all straight. Although for the moment, we do have Pregnant Deer. Maybe she'll have twins! I haven't come up with a name for the Rosebreasted Grosbeaks, either. I need to, because they're really hanging around a lot.

So kind of a bummer last night that Melinda didn't make it through to the finals on "American Idol." We were really pulling for her, because she has a MASSIVE voice. She'll do just fine, though, even though she won't win. We're going with Blake now, because while we like Jordin, too (another great voice), Blake is fun and different.

Oh, speaking of music, another buddy at work, Aubrey (hi Aubrey!), brought in a CD for me today: Anastacia! (Maybe it's spelled Anastasia, I don't know.) You know, the chick who butchered "You Shook Me All Night Long" with Celine Dion. At least her voice is a little more suited to a rockin' song,but that whole mess still sucked. The CD Aubrey brought in...not awful, but nothing I would buy. I could take it in small doses, but by the end of the CD, I was ready for it to be done.

With the warmer weather (not today, though...we might get a frost tonight), it puts me in the mood for dance music. I love dance music from the nineties, and it's perfect summer car music. It always makes me think of Will Farrell and Chris Kattan on "Saturday Night Live" as the guys in the dance club. Sometimes I do that head bob when I'm driving along. It makes me laugh!


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