Thursday, May 31, 2007

Money Money Money

Yippeee! I've mentioned our upcoming cruise (30 days to go!), and in preparation, I've been checking a message board for our specific trip. One lady on there has been on many cruises, and she mentioned that we should check the Royal Caribbean site to see if the prices have dropped. Her and her husband got over $600 in a refund. So I checked the site yesterday, and it looked promising, so I talked to Patrick, our fabulous American Express travel agent, and HE checked into it, and there is nothing but good news: we're saving $260 per person, a total of $1,040!!! I could not believe it, and I'm even more excited, because that means more casino money. Ha! Nah, we've got everything budgeted, we'll just put that money back into our vacation fund...perhaps for a short trip to Vegas late in the year. [Disclaimer: We do not gamble on every trip we take. Only the funnest ones.]

The kids are getting excited, too. We took them clothes-shopping last weekend, to get a few dressier things for the cruise. Who doesn't love getting some new clothes and look forward to wearing them, especially on a fun thing like a cruise? I started shopping last year (gotta get the sale stuff, y'know), and most of the things I haven't worn yet. I just set it aside to take on the cruise. I've got some cute new wedge sandals, some cute capris, some cute halter tops, some cute's all cute! Oh, and some cute skirts, some cute dressy stuff!

To me, a cruise is one of those vacations where you can get away from your normal life and behavior. Be whoever you want to be. I don't mean LIE and set up this entire alternate persona, I just mean do things a little out of the ordinary for you. If I want to sit by the pool and drink something with rum in it all day (and I do), I can do that. If I want to hike through the jungle to see Mayan ruins (I do), I can do that, too. It's all good! It's also a chance to get a little duded up and pretend we're sophisticated. Ha! Actually, we clean up pretty good, as my Mom would say, but most of the time, we're very casual.

<sigh> A month to wait. I think it will go fast, though.


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