Sunday, June 3, 2007

Two to go....

A nice weekend here at Nutwood, although I had to work. In fact, I work every weekend until our vacation! Urgh. But I get days off during the week, so it's not like I'm working 7 day weeks. If that were the case, just shoot me now.

Well, it's Sunday, and it's time for another episode of "The Sopranos." In fact, I get to use one of the coolest words ever and say that it is the penultimate episode. After reading a short article in the paper about what might happen (the writer speculated that among other things, Silvio would join up with Bruce Springsteen and rule New Jersey--ha!), Ken and I were speculating. Ken took the happy road and said maybe Tony and Carm will move to Vegas. (Although with Tony's gambling problem, that could be disastrous.) I took the darker road and said maybe Carm will get fed up with Tony (as well as find out that he ordered Adriana killed) and off him. I don't really think that will happen--I doubt that they'll kill Tony. But the show has certainly surprised the heck out of me a few times. I can hardly wait to find out!


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