Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Just so I'm not dwelling on our vacation too much, I did want to comment about our recycling and garbage lately. I know our garbage has to be a fascinating topic for everyone!

Actually, it's just a positive reinforcement. After my post some time ago about recycling (I'd link up to it, but I'm feeling a little too lazy at the moment), I started making a conscious effort to recycle more. There were a lot of things we were just throwing in the garbage, lots of plastic and paper. I'm happy to say that we've immediately noticed the difference. I'd say we're putting out twice as much recycling, and about half as much garbage. We used to burn the boxes, but those are all in recycling now. It typically takes me about five trips now to cart it all out to the road. It's a little more work, but what a great feeling!

As for vacation, three days and counting....


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