Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Nature cheered me up!

As always, a beautiful day here at Nutwood gets me out of a melancholy mood!

I spent a little time in the garden this morning--no mosquitoes!--and weeded a bit. The corn and cucumbers aren't up yet, but the beans and zucchini are. Yippee! The tomatoes are lookin' good, but the peppers seem to be lagging behind a little. I suspect they don't get quite enough sun where they're at. I planted some marigolds around the beans and cucumbers, because that's what the dagblasted burrowing critters ate last year. I'm hoping that will deter them enough. There's plenty in the yard to eat--go out there! I also weeded the front flower bed, and I'm so pleased that the perennials I planted last year are doing well. I got some on sale and stuck 'em in the ground in the summer, and most of them survived just fine. There's a pretty coreopsis that has about two dozen blooms on it! (They're bright yellow and very cheery.)

After that, I sat out on the deck and wrote in my garden journal and watched the birds for a bit. As I was sitting there, I saw Spot and his mom stroll into the yard. Well, Mom strolled--Spot ran hell-bent for leather! He started doing laps around the yard, dashing down the pathway that goes to the compost bin, by the garden, around the trees, back down the pathway, leaping as he was so cute and so funny! It reminded me exactly of a mom taking her toddler to the playground so he can run around like a little maniac and "get it all out of his system." I was happy to see Spot, because we hadn't seen him for a week or so, and I was getting worried that he didn't make it. I'm happy to report that he's alive and well...and obviously not so gangly anymore. They grow up so fast! <sniff>

When he finally stopped to catch his breath, I got a picture of him. Awwww!

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