Monday, June 18, 2007


Before I talk about my ingenious find, I want to wish all the dads out there a belated happy Father's Day. I talked to my Pop Saturday afternoon, and I think he knows how much I love and appreciate and admire him. You're the best, Dad! And my husband the Dad is also great. Speaking for myself, Dads and daughters are a special thing.

Last week, I read about these in a travel magazine. Check it out:

These are Muji speakers, and I know you can't really tell much from this picture, but they're the coolest little things--they're collapsible cardboard! They break down and fit into a provided plastic envelope that's no bigger than 8''x11". You just plug your MP3 player into 'em, and you're good to go. Since we're going on vacation, I thought these would be perfect for times when we want to play some music, like when we're cooking dinner at the timeshare. A nice little Father's Day gift for Ken! You can find them at the Museum of Modern Art, in NYC, and online at their website. Such clever little audio devices!

I got my clothes laid out for vacation (4 days and counting!) today, and we've already started packing things. I had kind of a hard time today deciding what was Florida, what was cruise, and what could be both, but I think I got it sorted out. Now it's odds and ends. Yippeee!

I'm going to miss our cat, Sheeba, but I know Cousin Shane will take good care of him. I got a few pictures on my camera so I can see him when I miss him too much. I call this one Sheeba the Sphinx. Ha!

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