Monday, June 11, 2007

A perfect day

Well, as close to perfect as possible! Winning the lottery or a free trip to Vegas might have been the icing on the cake, but for all intents and purposes, I had a lovely day.

The weather doesn't get any better: sunny and about 85°. I weeded the bed in the garden where I planted the corn, and the corn is a couple of inches high, the zucchini are up, and the beans are 4-6" high! The only thing I'm concerned about is that the cucumbers aren't up yet. It's been warm enough that they should be...hmmmm.

The birds were very active today, and I got to spend some deck time watching them. I was a little worried about a young blue jay sitting on the birdbath this morning. He obviously wasn't comfortable with flying, and his attempt to fly up to the roof got him to the deck surface. When I went out there, he flew up to the deck railing, and a little bit later, he managed to fly into the woods. I was so glad he was okay! He was cute, and still had lots of fluffy feathers.

I got 8 perennials on sale yesterday, and got those planted today. The front flower bed is coming along! I'm trying to get all perennials out there, because it is really a pain to plant a bunch of annuals every year. I have no problem with planting annuals in our flower boxes on the deck, but planting a couple of flats of annuals in the front each year is just too dang much work! I hope these new perennials will do as well as the ones I planted last summer.

I talked to my folks this morning, and they're doing quite well. I was sitting out on the deck when I talked to Dad, and Dad said, "I hear birds!" They were singing very loudly, and he got such a kick out of that.

Ahh. Life is good.


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