Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A perfect day, part deux

Today is a virtual carbon copy of yesterday...but I had less work to do around the house! I still got stuff done, like changing the sheets, etc., but the best part was I got a jump on packing for our big trip, which is coming up sooner than I can believe. I got the garment bag out and started packing the nice clothes for the cruise--dresses, skirts, etc. I think there's just enough room left in there for Ken's suit. :) Of course, I will remove things and fold them if I need to, so that Ken has room for his nicer clothes. And I have to say, I planned well, because I have plenty of nice outfits for dinner. This is gonna be fun!

Today I watched a pair of chipmunks (Names? Chip and Dale, obviously.) chase each other around. I'll get a picture up here before too long. They're the cutest little guys, and the don't just run, they run and LEAP.

Later that day....

Here's a picture of Chip or Dale. Awwww!

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