Sunday, June 10, 2007

End of the road

<< sigh >>

It's hard to say good-bye. I can't believe it will be over tonight, although I'm still holding onto hope for a movie. I've read a few speculations about the ending, and some think that Tony will die. I'd be very surprised if that happened. He's such a great character, they can't kill him off! David Chase, the creator of the show, said that some people will like the ending and some people won't. Gee, wish he wouldn't be so specific about it! I can't even begin to imagine what will really happen. I hope no one else dies (except maybe for Phil...okay, and I hate to say it, but I wouldn't cry if A.J. died!), but that's probably unrealistic. I think there might be quite a bit of dyin' tonight.

An interesting bit about it on NPR the other day. They were talking to a guy from the FBI who works in the unit that deals with organized crime. He said that the feud between Phil (the New York family head) and Tony (the New Jersey family head) is based on fact: John Gotti of the NY family didn't like the way the Jersey family seemed sort of lackadaisal about the initiations, etc. (If you recall, Phil said the Jersey operation "don't do the finger prick.") and when Gotti took over the whole thing, he made the Jersey guys go through a "proper" initiation. I thought that was fascinating. Another subject to add to my list to learn more about, although I've read some stuff about Mob involvement in early Vegas. Ugly stuff...but still very interesting.

So I'll enjoy tonight, and I'm sure I'll have something to say about it! If not tonight, tomorrow. See ya later, Tony. You creep the heck out of me, but I'll miss you.

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