Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A calmer me

Pardon my outburst on Sunday, but I was just beside myself! I couldn't believe all the stuff that went down in that episode, and a lot of it was BAD stuff. First they took out Bobby, then it was Silvio! Silvio isn't dead, but they don't expect him to regain consciousness. Tony tried to take out Phil first, but they got the wrong guy. Now they're going to ground, Carm, Meadow, and A.J. off to a hotel or something, and Tony, Paulie, and some of the other guys to a safe house. I honestly have no idea what they're going to do next week. The preview didn't even have any dialogue, just snippets of scenes. Oh my goodness.

A couple of things: one of the things that really bothered me was when Dr. Melfi was at the dinner party, and that other shrink gave an obvious hint as to who her gangster patient was: "A female opera singer and gangster." Duh! Of course, the other shrinks guessed Tony Soprano immediately. I started yelling, "Patient confidentiality! Patient confidentiality! He violated patient confidentiality!" (Ken didn't seem as upset about it as I was. He just looked at me like, "Are you done?" Ha!) But honestly, as someone with access to patient information, we take that very seriously. You never, ever go home and say, "Guess who I had work on today?" You just don't do that, and I wish I could file a complaint on that shrink. Err...if he weren't a fictional character, that is.

Speaking of Dr. Melfi, I'm quite disappointed with her. After 7 years, she cuts Tony loose. And she was MEAN to him. Actually, I think she *likes* him, if you know what I mean, nudge nudge wink wink. But it looks like the story line of Dr. Melfi and Tony could very well be finished.

And thank you Tony, for kicking your whiner son's ass a little bit. When Tony tells him his Uncle Bobby is dead, and they all need to get out of town for a while, A.J. looks into space and says, "I find this really depressing. I was having a hard enough time maintaining as it was...." At that point, Tony grabs him and drags him over to his closet and tells him to pack a bag. Thanks, Ton!

One more week to go, then a few days of writing about it, so this will all be over soon. Then we'll have the entire series on DVD to discuss....



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