Friday, October 27, 2006

Bar and Pub names

As I mentioned early on, the name of this journal comes from a Godfathers song. I've joined a newsgroup about the Godfathers, and not only have I been enjoying that, I've found out that Kris Dollimore, the original guitarist, has released a new CD in the UK. It's some very neat stuff, very bluesy and lean. Check out his website, and you can hear some of his music. I recommend it highly. I've got a CD on the way.

What got me to thinking was the listing of gigs he's played recently. London has some of the coolest bar names! Here are a few: The Cockroach Club, What's Cookin' Club, The Prince of Guinea, The Yew Tree Inn, Man of Kent Ale House, and my personal favorite, and where he's playing tonight, The Mucky Pup. Isn't that just the greatest? Makes me want to have a pint while I belly up to the bar.

Then I got to thinking about bar names in America. There are plenty of lame ones, but there are a lot of cool ones, too, and it reminded me of a song by X, "The Have Nots," in which they name various bars they've seen in their travels. Here you go: The Bar Nothing, The Hi-De-Hi, The Hula Gal, The Beehive Bar, Dexter's New Approach, and the Get Down Lounge. And last but not least, The Aorta Bar, Detroit's Main Vein. (I love that one!)

What do you think? Which is better, or should we even compare the two? They're all great in their own way. However, I think I have a hands-down winner, and it's a place we've actually been to, and got to hear one of the younger Marsalis brothers.

My Grand Prize goes to...The Funky Butt in New Orleans. Near Congo Square, it not only has a great name, it's crowded and intimate and dark, and everyone LOVES the music. But you can't beat that name!


buckoclown said...

I agree, the Funky Butt is an awesome place, especially with Big Al.  This is a prayer that New Orleans returns to its former glory.

luvrte66 said...

Hi Bucko! Ahhh, you know it will!