Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Chicago Olympics

Chicago recently unveiled its logo for the 2016 Olympics. The decision hasn't been made yet, but everyone in these parts is pretty excited and hopeful that the city will get them. We don't live in Chicago, but we're close by, close enough that there is speculation that some events could be held in our small city. Needless to say, we are very excited about that, and we'll do everything we can to get tickets if it happens.

We both still love to watch the Olympics, and I can only imagine what a feeling it must be to win a medal while representing your country. And how cool to watch them in person! And all the visitors we'd get from all over the world...oh my, what a neat thing that would be! I could do my tiny little part to be an ambassador of good will and international harmony. Okay, that's pretty corny, but one of the best things about the Olympics is that people really do seem to suspend their animosity. There are always exceptions, but for 2 weeks, it really does seem that we CAN all just get along. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Chicago to win the bid. Go Chi-town!

As for that logo, if I were wearing a hat, it would be off to whoever designed it. I can't imagine anything more perfect, and I think it's brilliant. The blue torch represents Lake Michigan, and the flame is the skyline. (See the Sears Tower antennas in there?) If they get the Olympics, let's see if they pick a decent mascot. Some of those recent mascots have been not only lame, they've been just plain weird. Who can forget the Izzy fiasco of Atlanta '96?

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alt780 said...

hey beth,
 it has been a long time since I've emailed you.  But I just wanted to tell you that I love your blogs and I love watching the winter olympics.  Tessa H. and I really got into them because we watched them when her knee was out of commission.  I can't believe that you know the mascots but I have to agree that they do seem strange.