Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sick day

I caught a stupid cold, although my throat hurts so bad, it could be Strep throat. I'm in the infectious stage right now, so I thought it best that I stay home. I just was reading about "presenteeism," when people go into work even when they're sick. It costs the company more in lost productivity than if you'd stayed home and taken a sick day. I can guarantee I would not have been productive today! Looks like a couch day--curl up with the book I'm reading (Harbingers by F. Paul Wilson, a Repairman Jack book) or watch a movie (I've had a hankering to watch "This Is Spinal Tap" for a while now).

See the picture above? I took it off our back deck one evening. I thought the colors of the sunset were just gorgeous. And the important thing is that I figured out how to add a picture without that big stupid white border! Told you I would. Well, I had some help. Thank you, Magic Blogger!


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