Monday, October 30, 2006

The Legend of Orange Double Zero

"love you!
Comment from orangedoublezero - 10/26/06 9:42 AM"

I have copied the end of Cousin Shane's comment, and asked him if it was okay to tell the story behind Orange Double Zero. He was okay with that, so here you go. I'm not sure why this cracks me up, but it does.

Shane has a crazy friend at work, AnnMarie. She's crazy in a fun way, not a psycho way. Apparently AnnMarie likes to make up stories, and she told her boyfriend that one time she was driving by Shane's house and saw him through the picture window. He was sitting on the couch and watching TV, and wearing a cutoff orange football jersey with the number 00 on it. And thus was born Orange Double Zero.

Now, I guess you'd have to know Shane, but that is something he would totally NOT wear. He's more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of guy. That's what makes it so funny to me--it's just completely bizarre! I have to admire AnnMarie's storytelling abilities, and her level of detail is astounding. I'd like to have her over for a bonfire one night. I bet she could tell a helluva ghost story!

Good football weekend, by the way: Notre Dame won, Colts won, Bears won. All is right with the world.

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