Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Blog virgin

Thought I'd start a blog. Just seemed like the thing to do.

Actually, I used to have a web page, and several friends and family members have said that they miss it. I kind of do, too, and I think this will be an easy way to continue that, as well as keep in touch with people and let them know what is happening here.

I have to say that it dismays me a little bit to have AOL have these prompts for categories on here, although they don't show up if nothing is selected (so you can't see them--but believe me, they're there): mood, music I'm listening to, and I even had to place this blog into a particular category. It's not always that easy to define my mood or where I belong. I also notice that they don't have moods such as "surly" or  "passive-aggressive." Not that I often feel that way, but I think a list of 16 moods is terribly limiting. We're all much more complicated than that, don't you think?

The title of this journal comes from a song by the Godfathers, a great late '80's/early '90's band. The song is "STB," and one of the lines is "I have to hear your sweet voice, honey, breathing down the line." I love that. Makes me think of those late night phone calls to the one you love when you're apart. There usually ends up being a lapse in conversation, and all you can hear is each other's breathing. It can be a very nice moment.


orangedoublezero said...

hi beth!

am i the first to comment?  i'm glad you started a blog....your old webpages were always fun to read, so it's cool that you're doing something like this again.  i can't wait to read what's going on in your life and what's got your interest and attention at the moment.  i'm looking forward to reading about what music you're listening to lately, too!

love you!

luvrte66 said...

Hey Shane! Everybody, meet Cousin Shane. My partner in crime for over 40 years, especially when it comes to music. He's more like my brother than my cousin. Thanks for the nice comments!

bgilmore725 said...

Hi, just checking your first entry... you know, find out where you're coming from. I don't like the mood choices in the journal either, so I never check them, nor do I write in the music because most of the time, I'm not listening to music. Maybe when I retire, I'll have mind-space for music listening! Didn't Tina Turner have a song called Nutwood junction? I think so. Love that Tina! bea

alphawoman1 said...

Thank you for dropping by my jnl. I like to go to the first entries of new journals....silly, but I like to see the beginning! I guess that this jnl was not called Nutwood in the beginning! I lived in Ft Wayne for a little over two years and drove past your neck of the woods many times (heading to Chicago Airport!) FW was cold, very cold. The wind advisory of yesterday reminded me of the Wind reports in FW! Now I had to check the weather every single day in the winter (from november to mid April) lol! My hubs is working in Memphis right now and was told that it can get cold down there, "Way down into 30's!!" he laughed and remembered his snot freezing in that Lake Effect breezy FW!