Wednesday, December 27, 2006

He hit it an' quit it

R.I.P. President Ford, but I have to say I was a little more bummed to hear that James Brown died on Christmas morning. (Nothing against Pres. Ford--I believe he was a fine and decent man who served his country, but I know he had been in poor health, and he was in his nineties. It was not totally unexpected, while JB's death was a surprise.) Time for James to put on the cape for the last time. He was ultra-cool, and every pop, rock, and soul artist today owes a big debt to the man.

Hope everyone had a fun and happy Christmas, and was able to spend time with the ones you love. We had a wonderful time with the kids, my family, and each other. Check this out:

A quickie trip to Vegas at Christmas, you ask? No! It is a picture of my favorite Christmas present, a replica of the Vegas sign that lights up. The small white bulbs at the perimeter travel, and the star flashes yellow and red. It is so cheesy, and I love it completely! I got lots of great things, including books and "I Love Lucy" stuff and Big Dogs shirts and boxer shorts...but I love my Vegas sign the most. I have a great husband. He knows what I like!

We were able to watch some DVD's we've been saving for a while. It can be hard to find time to watch them, because we do have our favorite shows we like to watch (my personal favorite is "The Office"). But with a few days off, we were able to watch some good ones. A couple of pleasant surprises were "16 Blocks" with Bruce Willis, and "The Inside Man" with Denzel Washington. I was expecting something mundane, but both of them grabbed my attention and kept me watching. Last night, we watched "Scarface" (the remake). Man, I had never seen the whole thing! And Ken said it had been years since he saw it. I loved it. Hard to believe it got an X rating at first, because to me, the violence and language didn't seem all that extreme. I've seen much worse. But it came out in '83, and I guess it was pretty rough for the time. Al Pacino is amazing. I've always liked him, but he was uncannily good in this movie. Of course, I could hardly wait for the "Say hello to my leetle fren' " line! We got the special edition package of the movie, and what a neat surprise to find out that it includes the original movie with Paul Muni. I think we might watch that tonight. Neat concept to go from the Chicago gangs during Prohibition to the cocaine traffic in Miami in the '80's. It works. No matter what the illegal product, I guess it's all the same: supply, demand, collateral damage, and destruction. My favorite scene of the movie is towards the end, when Tony is burying his head in a mountain of cocaine. It's awful to see, but it says it all.

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