Saturday, December 2, 2006

The winter storm that wasn't

I swear, these forecasters around here....

Wednesday and Thursday were all gloom and doom, at least six inches of snow, perhaps much more! What did we get? Nothin'! Zip! Quite a bit of rain, some fairly heavy snowfall at times during the day on Friday, but nothing stuck.There is no snow on the ground whatsoever.

Why can't weather people just admit that it's a very inexact endeavor? Things around here can get especially weird with what is called lake effect snow, in which cold air blows over a warmer Lake Michigan and creates heavy snow. How much certain towns (sometimes within a few miles of each other) get can be completely affected by which way the wind is blowing. I suppose being a meteorologist in this area is not easy, but I think they should recognize that, and I think it would be very refreshing to hear one of them say, "You know...I really don't know what the hell is going to happen. We could get nothing, or we could be shut down for a day or so. Hey--it's northern Indiana! What do you expect?" Now THAT would be an accurate forecast.

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