Thursday, December 28, 2006

One final Christmas comment

I'm not sure why those big inflatable Christmas decorations have become so popular. I don't find them the least little bit charming. In fact, as Ken and I were driving around the other day, I told him that they actually make me want to pop 'em with my BB gun just to watch 'em deflate. "I'm mellllltinggg!"

And yes, we did watch the original "Scarface" last night, and it was pretty cool. The remake was surprisingly close to the original, other than the change of locale and contraband. The whole relationship with Tony and his sister was pretty weird, but it was actually creepier in the original. In the remake, I could tell that he was just weird about his sister in that he put her on a pedestal, and expected her to stay innocent and unsullied by whatever unsavory things he was doing, or unsavory people he hung around with. In the original, I got a vibe of something a little deeper than that, which I found interesting. I also thought the scar choices were intriguing. In the remake, it's basically a two-part scar, through Tony's eyebrow and onto his cheek. In the original, it's only on his cheek, and it's in the shape of a cross. Not sure what they were trying to say there, because Tony was not a good guy. Sure, he had his moments of family honor and gangster integrity, but he was still a gangster.

I gotta say, both movies made me want to read more about their respective eras. I've read some about the Prohibition era and how nasty things got, but not a whole lot. As for the Cuban refugees, I've read very little. That happened in my lifetime, but I was young and blissfully unaware of many of the things that were going on in the world at the time. I think I need to remedy that.

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