Friday, December 29, 2006

The new seed catalog's here!

Aren't those beautiful?'s that time of year again. The fine folks at Burpee Seeds torment me every year by sending out their catalog in winter. (Other companies' catalogs will follow soon.) I become almost obsessive looking through the catalog and deciding what seeds I want to order. And I can't get the garden going for several months! Argh!

I've already laid out my planting plan for next year. I haven't had much luck with peas or carrots, so I'm ditching those. I'm adding broccoli and Brussels sprouts. I will also plant the usual suspects: pole beans, corn, peppers (hot and sweet), herbs, cucumbers, and zucchini. We also want to give watermelon and cantaloupe a try. Oh, and did I mention tomatoes?! My favorite of all things to grow, and I could eat them till they're coming out my ears. Store-bought tomatoes pale in comparison. Nothing is like a homegrown tomato. Yikes, I think my mouth is watering!

I'm going to give my mini-greenhouse another try this year. I need to add lights for the warmth and extra light, because the seedlings just don't get enough of either in the basement (although it sits in front of the sliding glass door in the walkout basement). But I love starting seeds because you can try so many different varieties of things, and I think you can grow hardier plants to set out in the garden.

We grow garlic, too, but I planted that back in the fall. You plant in the fall and harvest at the end of the following summer or thereabouts. We love our garlic. I'm also hoping that our asparagus is going to be a bumper crop this year. It takes a few years to really get established, and this should be the year.

I need to calm down, because I've got a couple of months of winter to get through before I can even start seeds. Damn you, Burpee Seed Company!

I take it back! I love you, and love your seeds! I don't damn you!

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