Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year, Ya'll

Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year's Eve! I had to work the weekend and New Year's Day, but no big deal. I think you reach a certain point where New Year's Eve is just another night. I think I reached that point a few years ago!

Ken and I have been watching lots of football. And wow, what great games! I guess when you get down to all the bowl games, the teams are usually fairly decent, so anything can happen. We've already seen some amazing upsets and comebacks. The BCS bowls should be just as good. Notre Dame is playing LSU in the Sugar Bowl. Obviously, I want ND to win, but how can you not have a little warm place in your heart for LSU after what the state went through in '05? I'll still be cheering for the Irish, though. It will be neat to see all the scenes from New Orleans during the broadcast.

I had a nice surprise when I got home from work yesterday. Ken asked me to go downstairs and look at the window. I thought, oh man, did a deer crash through it or something? No, it was actually my mini-greenhouse sitting in front of the window that he wanted me to look at--he got me growlights! They're quite bright, and they raise the temperature a few degrees, so it should be perfect. I can hardly wait to get the seeds going, but I have to wait until the end of March! AAAGGHHH!

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