Thursday, January 25, 2007

Super Bowl nickname

I just read what they're calling this year's Super Bowl. The Soul Bowl. I'm not sure if I care for that or not. It seems a little disrespectful to two wonderful coaches.

Sorry I haven't written much the past few days. It seems that all I can really think about is the game. There's still over a week to go, so I'm hoping I'll have at least a couple of days where my mind doesn't dwell on it. It will probably be a fairly small window of opportunity, because while I'm finally starting to come down from last Sunday's games, I'll be gearing up soon for next Sunday. <sigh> It can be exhausting to be a fan! Ha!

Oh, hey, I don't think I mentioned our special purchase--a 42" plasma TV! Wahooo! It will be delivered in a few days. For months, we'd been talking about getting one, and it was contingent on several situations. First, if Notre Dame went undefeated in their first three games, we'd go get one (they lost their third game to Michigan). Then, it was if Notre Dame plays for the national championship, we'd go get one. It became fairly apparent soon that they weren't quite ready for a championship. Then it turned into if the Colts and Bears play in the Super Bowl, we'd get one. Well, that part actually came true...but we ordered it a week before we knew that! We ordered right after we found out they'd each be playing in the conference championship, and we figured we'd better get it ordered if it was to be here on time. That was our rationale, anyway--that's our story and we're sticking to it!

Actually, we're both psyched about it. We got the Phillips Ambilight, where the backlighting results in a sort of halo around the screen:

It's hard to tell from that picture, but it really does look neat. I foresee a lot of watching TV in a dark room in our future!

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