Friday, January 26, 2007

One of life's great mysteries

I don't think I'll ever understand how a day at work can seem to drag on forever, but a day off just flies by! Here it is, after 4 PM, and I'm not ready for my day off to be over! Don't get me wrong: I got quite a bit done today, including a trip to the wonderful Dr. Herbster, our dentist, but it's sure gone by fast. Bummer.

Ken and I are all set for the big game. Today I got him an Urlacher jersey, and got myself a Manning jersey. Great sale at Kohl's, especially since I can shop in the kids' department--I got my official NFL jersey for half price!

My Burpee seeds came today. <sigh> Made me anxious for spring, although our winter hasn't been too bad this year. I'm rarin' to go on the garden--I have my timeline all laid out, when to start which seeds, when to direct sow which seeds, when to transplant seedlings...yes, I freely admit I'm a complete geek. Also an almost compulsive list-maker. But like the song says, whatever gets you through the night, right?


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